You too

You too are part of your Whole
with the other parts of your reality.

Your narcissistic gaze
others echo and the world reflects
all parts in your reality
come from beyond you
from your Whole
being of Reality
absolute ultimate (the One and Only) all encompassing
of Whom your reality is part
and includes you so you can say
of your self, in your reality
together with all you experience above and below
‘I too am part of my Whole’.

Capitals used to distinguish the Whole Self and Being, Who is of Reality, from our self in our reality of consciousness and experience.

Networked end

Extended and stretched
in all parameters exponential,
civilization emanates
through its networked ends.

Counting one’s self as one working unit
atomic of nuclear family dispersed
in numbers beyond one’s narcissistic gaze, en mass
climate or corona we be cause.

Tsunami disaster our compensatory reach
catastrophic causal connection
of physical plans for a physical world
from our reality, realized on Earth.

Because unaccounted for the human,
living, Whole Being
unless we learn to partake
in one’s transcendent Whole.

I am of you, my Whole

I am of you, my Whole, a part
as is everything of my reality,
which includes my deepest sense
of others and the world.

My sense with them
of communion or communication,
as if on same page one time and place
comes from beyond me from you, my Whole.

Their existence in my reality
of experience and consciousness,
my confidence in them as true indication
representational of them in the real world,
comes of you my Whole, Body of Reality,
Being of the One and Only Whole.
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Different must my reality be
from an another’s particular reality,
as I see what
the other cannot see
and other
s see what I cannot
as we see “eye to eye” – I I , AI).

Yet, as self and identity in one’s reality
in conversation we may one be,
subject be in turns
yet in one place and time.

Both differences and onenesses come from beyond
separate realities that themselves are part
of such individual Wholes as you,
human, existent and alive, my Whole
next to others in the real world, and of Reality,
true Whole Self-s of the One Creation-and-Creator.

My capacity to believe and trust, also doubt and question,
to be, seemingly speak, understand and mean, comes from beyond me,
the “I know not how I do”, the tacit and what I seemingly do do
must from you be, Who in the real world does all I think I do.

And so also from beyond me, the faculty to be certain and prove :
But which in seeking – to be certain and to prove in my representational reality –
breed uncertainty that must be denied
if certainty and proofs be held and insisted upon (so we can act ?).
And reflective then of uncertainty, in holding on to certainty or proofs,
I forfeit true confidence that comes of being part
lost isolated adrift from you, my Whole, blinkered blind in denial of you.

So easy in the freedom that comes from beyond me
to identify exclusively with my self and what I experience,
exclusive of you from Whom my freedom comes,
you, Who is transcendent beyond my reality.

Solipsistic it seems only me, no one but me
speculate what must be and plan what should be
determine beyond confident and consider universals
as empirical outcomes confirm probably certain
what works, must be and happening in the real world. 

Nevertheless in my reality is what can only be representational
indications of aspects of the real world beyond mine
from beyond me, from you beyond me,
including my sense of communion with others or the world
also ambiguity, uncertainty of me and my world.

Oh, real world of real things of Reality !
– where you exist, my Whole, beyond my reality
and you live next to other Whole entities,
in conception and  intricacy both marvelous and wondrous
even as indications, 
of notion and sense, in my representational reality.
I partake as part in you, my Whole, with all that is of me,
while Earth allows life and you live.
You are godly for encompassing my all and for being of Reality,
of Creation/Creator, of the One and Only Whole.

No end

No end to dissension000 02f No End Nov19
different directions bundled
on and on, from and in-between :

Progressive “on and on”
Wolfram established computational irresolution.003 aaac hc.R treble cleft

Regressive “from”
Chomsky defines epistemological limits.

Self-referential spiral “in-between”
We cannot experience our experiencing self,003 ac hc.R treble cleft, 3 bundles and subconscious dip and tuck across
only as what we may know and sense reflective of.003 aab hc.R treble cleft

Turn treble around self
loop the progressive notion and sense
fold back down to land
regressive wake on infinite abyss.

On inner spread our grounding depend
it brings upright and onto mid-line
our staggered reach 000 02c No End Nov19000 02g No End Nov19
across, up and to the front,
everything’s a part of one’s Whole
including no end.
000 02b bear weight for grounding Nov19

000 02d No End Nov19

000 02e No End Nov19




emergence : the process by which a whole manifests that is more than the sum of parts and their functions that make up the manifestation or phenomena. An example is a flock of flying birds usually Starlings (parts) that stay together but not bump into one another (function or programme). Characteristically, the emergent phenomena is ever new and surprises or is unexpected, and suggests a creativity. One could say God’s hand and Nature’s dance, display or spectacle. A problem emerges from emergency (emergent phenomena) in our mind about its agency (God’s hand) and subjectivity (Nature).

We our selves, as self or identity, are emergent of our Whole with sense of agency and independence, which we may question : will or destiny, freedom and the choices we have. As for subjectivity, we try hard where it is our Whole who does and is in the real world of Reality.

from The *’s, end notes of
Being cognitive part of our part-less Whole
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021 Hw b

Iron age of Pisces enters now its end :
Ominous, an uncertain swing begins past our exponential peak
lost out of water thrashings start of fish that’s done its leap.
The death throws of application in what seems powerful
and the pretence of agency in forging our destiny.
Yet, still we hold to steel, the promise of prosperity in what Prometheus stole
the “know how” of “can do” that we think, as self or identity, we do.
But not what it is or how it actually happens, not why or what for, nor who actually does
not who works in and consumes, pollutes and populates, the environment.
How then will there be sustainable water, for fish to flop back into ?

From the mould of the Bronze age hold, Iron age rage leapt Spartan red with institutionalised discipline and order into Roman bureaucratic power, carrying the legacy of brittle control in their true colours of rusty decay.

The candle like light of Enlightenment’s glow, cut calmly through the dark cool of curtained rooms bound by the moulding bindings of Classical text.

Then, precisely and certainly as a forged iron pointed blade, the honed lights of direct sense with inferred abstraction naively applied, cut, pierced and pinned empirical more and more of aspects of Reality”, of real things in the real world of Reality.

Axled and turned, levered and geared, countless cogs and cables, pinned poles and panels, bevelled belts and bolts, steamed and steel-ed, then wired electric and fuelled by petroleum, towards a leap beyond the apparent kinetics of vision and mechanics of matter, apparently past their relevance and our reverence in innocence, with the relative reference of the speed of light, before which was what is still apparent and intuitive for us.

Many times global and astronomical now our technology, but mechanics still must inter-phase intuitive, in what’s nuclear, agriculture, manufacture, finance and transport, with bodies animal plant and microbes, in air soil and water, of life and death on Earth.

But communications tele-ed (at a distance) quantum and with computation, manna manifest apparently from theoretical fields and simulation, seeing-value-having beyond the matter of relativity and the kinetics of vision, button pressing still exponentiates the polluting processing proposing and purchasing, though population post-exponential, as programmes propagate their own fields and development.

Considerations now environmental, infused of plastics and the chemical industry, saturating radiational fields of communication, entangled by countless cross-meshed cables connecting stations of mechano-electro-computerised automation and hard ware, inter-phased with supposedly autonomous input-ees and output-ees, the contributing and consuming customer-y citizens of the human state delivery service, system and its state, being both empirical (measured and tested by) and conditional of environment, dependent on a developing technology with past appliances that must go to waste : We must understand being part of our Whole Who helps make up the environment that is Earth – our Whole is of the environment.

With computational artifice and artificial intelligence the Turing test tests machines to trick the panel for intelligent independence and creative agency, the realising decider being the intelligentsia supposedly knowing the difference and how to test and tell, computation from intelligence, programme from agency, automation from autonomy, the human operator, observer, receiver and input give-er, is also pressed to be the give-ee of judgement.

022 Post-exponentialismGive liver life through liver’s fissure – our nature is marked by nurture through placenta and from birth on : Shatter now the exponential tsunami, its shimmering and shivering reflections of delight and fright I scream – ice cream”, scream past solid frozen state real and real estate our Iron pre-Aquarian age consumer icing and creamed currency urban : Be born past dawning of Age, iron itself cut our umbilical tie of applied empiricism and its “know how”, beyond our consumer-y choosing of best fit simulation price outcome cost emergent of own programmes self-generated numerously by the technology of can do.

There’s a Whole Being Who is human, of Reality, and of Whom we, as self or identity, are a projected part, projected that is through our Central Nervous System, with other parts including our deepest, most close, mystic and profound, distant and superficial sense, of the world, others and our self, past present and future. All that is too much or lacking, and too much and more that we are or not, our sense and notion of being and doing, coping and consuming, processing holding and expelling, are parts of our Whole, Who of Reality is, does and lives, among other Wholes of Reality, in the real world on Earth of Reality.

As Earth exists, our Whole lives and Reality is, we may look to a relation as part with our transcendent and part-less Whole, of Whom both our everything of experience and our all that is self are part.

He or She is gendered, genealogical and generational with genes, an individual of Reality, in the real world on Earth and of Reality among other Wholes.

Notes on Orientation

– ”our actuality” beyond theory, description or depiction, for “how to be in relation with one’s whole”


We are a part of our whole. That’s you or me as self or identity, a part of a whole individual being. And the individual whole being we’re a part of is, in turn, a part of Reality (capital R to distinguish Reality that our whole being is of, from “our reality”).

Our reality is in essence conscious, experience and self. Furthermore there is a witness – by which we may be aware of what is witnessed, of our self, consciousness as well as what is experienced (circularity is an aspect within of our lineal reality, as are foundationalism and infinitism – Munchhausen’s trilemma). While it extends towards our deeper being, subconscious, and to realms and dimensions beyond our cognitive or knowing consciousness, fundamentally, our reality is a “projected” part, all of it.

Projection is “our actuality”, the existence of our reality and its components, projected or placed in space, in particular shapes and places, by our whole, through the Central Nervous System (CNS – brain and spinal cord). In approaching our actuality and referring to our whole, we may be in relation with our whole.

A process of Reality” ensues, of our becoming a part. We become more of a part in our reality, initially extending behind in our depth, then in breadth, and in depth below, through levels and layers of consciousness, experience and being. Barriers and blocks, passages and processes may be reached, released and resolved. It is what happens, a process of integration, in relation with our whole.

We may become familiar with aspects of this process, of various stages and ways to facilitate, for both our self in it and for others, This process and indeed our actuality however, is not of our normal sense and understanding, of experience we can grasp with our mind across a separation of subject (the self) and object (what is experienced). Rather, we, as self or identity, are involved as part in our actuality, in an innate process and understanding from beyond us, which must be attributed to our transcendent whole being of Reality, transcendent beyond our part.

zzy Normally, we are separated from our whole being, within our projected reality. There are 4 layers or degrees to this separation : 1) a part is never the whole and displaces its whole to where the whole is transcendent of or beyond the part, leaving the part with the “rest of whole” (diag. right) and 2) we are displaced in place and substance from the whole self in being projected through the CNS in our actuality as projection. Within our projected part, 3) we are differentiated and displaced in our self and identity, separated from other parts of our reality (such as the conscious, deeper being, what we experience, and witness), and 4) isolated from our whole in identifying exclusively in our self (subject) with what we experience (object), through having experience (verb).

Having experience is not a problem. We can capture our projected reality in space, approach our actuality and refer to our transcendent whole, to initiate and perpetuate our relation with our whole.


3 things you can do while you connect with your transcendent whole, not all of that time but from time to time – for timing and choice, rely on instinct for what is uncertain rather than pretending to know :

1) Everything is a part of their whole – a message you can announce to your various self-s or parts
2) Everything is material for referring to the whole – in their actuality; including the positive and negative states, places and experiences of differing dimensions you may get to
3) Look to a relation with your whole – as a part; in all that you achieve, receive, become or get to; this is our goal in being part, for both our self and all that we may experience

Our tendency is to narrowly identify within our part and so be isolated from our whole. We also tend to identify as we shift to a different (new) experience and dimension in our relation with our whole. Therefore, to start and keep going :

1a) Promote your part – introduce space, extend, approach your actuality (to be “more presentable” to your whole and “maker”)
1b) Promote your whole – posture, trunk-al extent (so there is something of the whole to receive your part)
2) Refer to your transcendent whole – the core is the reference for, the other-end a clue to a whole being of Reality (beyond our reckoning and effort, because they are limited by our being a part)
3) Repeat 1) Promote (part and whole) and 2) Refer – to “winch” closer to being a part; pulling on the winch to promote your relationship with your whole, and releasing to allow and let go to your whole

For our tendency towards an isolating identification, we need effort. But then must refer to our transcendent whole to go beyond both our reckoning and efforts, because they are limited in our being a part. We may become familiar with the levels and layers of our reality and their unfolding through integrating with our whole. This knowing can be used to promote our part (step 1a in “winching”). As we become more of a part, there is less of a leap between the conscious act of promoting (step 1) and referring or presenting to the whole being (step 2). Our connecting with our whole becomes “smoother”, having initiated it with “winching”, and leads to a relation with our whole.

(Mechanics of our actuality : stages of integration in the process of Reality or what happens – to follow)