Gendo 1

元道 Gen do

I have conceived Gendo 元道    to enshrine within its process and practice, the whole body in reality and our part as projection.

Do or Dao  道   is the way. Nature herself, the happening of reality.

Gendo   元道   is the way of the original source. Our fundamental truth is the whole body in creation, and our part as projection. I consider this the essence of reality.

It is all experience for us within projection. Our projected actuality may be related with reality, the whole body alive in creation.

Gen do    元道    incorporates –
Shinto (神道) : Our spiritual and instinctive connection to place, people and the land,
their pure reality, nature and being, pure essence, way of the gods, aboriginal,
way of the gods.
Zen (禅) : trunkal integrity in sitting (Zazen : 座禅), fundamental essence and  being, absolute physicality, Nothingness and Emptiness (O ii)
Daoism (道教) : the way or what is, happens and is happening, Nature

and Martial arts, Performance : connected movement
Yoga, alignment, balance : holding and breathing
Mai dance, corroboree : connected expression

Part theory, Whole body method and Complete whole body are the three pillars. Orientation is the technique and practice for capturing the hc and for introducing reality.

The three pillars

部分説 Bubun setsu

Part theory
– hc is projection, a projected part of the whole body projected by the central nervous system.
– as a projected part, we are affected by our orientation with the whole body.
– we may be captured in space as a projected actuality, and related with the whole body.

In this theory is a practice, to orientate with the whole body, for a projected part to relate with its whole. Orientation determines our part as projected actuality in space and relation with the whole body, beyond our usual contexts for knowing “what’s what”. With its application, we may enact our part from within projection, to relate with the whole body.

全体方 Zentai hou

Whole body method
How to introduce, relate with and behave as a part of, the whole body.
– the whole body is the “thing in its self” or an actuality in reality.
– our relation with him/her is a process of reality or “what happens”.
– we can promote what happens by promoting the whole body. It begins by sitting up and promoting the whole body, but must proceed to capturing the hc and stopping, to slow for the self, then whole self.
– the whole body is form and being, we are form and state. Our projected actuality is to be related with the whole body alive in creation, of whom we are encompassees.

完全体 Kan zentai

Complete whole body
– the form implies the state and vice versa. Becoming a part of the whole being and happening. It is the way, or what happens.
– true to sternum, palm and sole, we gather our girth and full extent. The two ends complete upon cores trunkal extent. The other end is the clue to our release through the base of the stupa, with level brain, floating spine and nerve roots even, and on end.

– the absence of the solid whole body who is there.

– the disassociation through which we are having an experience.

道 Dou
– the way is Nature it self, what is, what happens and is happening.

精神 Seishin
– the one essence of the whole body and All creation.
– at the core, or the gravitational centre, of the whole body.

Blog 2 : What’s happened and what can happen 5Sept13

We all got away, (long, long, way away) drawn out to the gawk talk (the “talking heads” out there in language and vision).  The hc isolated from spirit lost, and unknowing of whole body dammed. What can I say? The sky is falling down, the world is going to collapse, it’s no good, we’re doomed?

We all got away from being a projected part to pretend with others to be in the world. Breathe. Know the whole body actually breathes in reality. Our sense of reality is projected actuality, a projected part of reality, projected by the whole body in reality.

Beyond phenomenology and the phenomena of our “conscious experience witnessed”, beyond the existential depths (of our existence) of existence or not (suicide for self that “it”, the/our self, may consider). Our being is set in against out, and with the world outside of in.

What happens is you do get better, closer and more real, in becoming a projected part of the whole body in reality. But that’s not the point. Look to a relation with reality. The whole body is present in the present, alive in and of the forever changing and forming creation. Our whole in reality cannot wait for his/her projected part. We must present as part to not be isolated and left behind in projection.

I want to come back to share how we can relate with the whole body. I’ve compiled much of my understanding of the hc.r (human condition and reality) and how we may relate with the whole body in reality, and introduce the method of orientation for doing so.