Being that

a knowing notion,
sensing being
and existence
witnessed by
and conscious of

– me
and my world

a living human,
breathing doing
and presence
acknowledged by
and of creation

– whole body
and the rest of creation

can we be a part of our whole
the whole body
a part of creation

tt4r         19Jun12
Aut3 new moon

the arch of language and Munchhausen’s trilemma

Arch of language and Munchhausen's trilemmaI came to realise some time ago that the components or makeup of our reality manifest as projected actualities. I presume they are projected by the whole body from his or her brain-spine. I have found that one may capture, recognise and depict them. More importantly, as a projected actuality and part, we may relate with our whole, the whole body alive in creation. The process of becoming a part that ensues is the process of reality, the way, for the whole body is a whole being in and of reality. Nothingness is the absence in our projected reality of the whole body “there” in reality, Emptiness the disassociation through which we are having an experience. The whole body, whole being and whole self in reality, our self and our reality in projection.   The diagrams are as usual, of our projected actuality as captured from behind. The cornering mentioned in the fourth paragraph was introduced in “ascending assertion cornered across” and refers to the cornering of our centering to the right in avoidance of what is –

repressed behind – confusion (of witness and actuality)

suppressed below – strain and struggle (of identity and will)

denied other side to the left – fears and traumas (from our past)

distinction of the self and whole body, our reality and reality


Projected by the whole body :   is our reality and self
The whole body alive in creation
(who projects our reality)       :   is reality, a whole self and whole being

hc – components (of its construct)
the worlds inside and out, what we experience and the experience itself, the actuality of self, the conscious, deeper being and witness

whole body – properties
real and actual, in and of reality, alive in creation, present in and of the present, matter in and of gravity, solid, on Earth, next to other whole entities

language is logic

language is logic
reason within
in language

reframe loosen self
in context self
as context
too a part
of whole body and so reality

framed by arch of language self
be guided
beyond reason

by reality
but cornered context contest whole
as self is contained in contrast to whole
and isolated there

a philosophy

Poetry 1 philosophy 2011 a

I know I exist and that I exist in something – it is my world – a space, open void. I can surmise that I am not a complete thing, as my space is not: I connect (extend) and my space opens, different ways in different directions. There is a witness that recedes backwards deeply and in the face of its float I nestle tight and level, cornered across to the right. Yet above me is conscious, that reign over all I experience.

All this, me and my reality and their makeup, I can presume is being projected by the brain-spine, and I know the brain-spine is (and through it me, my reality and their makeup are) an integral part of the living whole body.

The wot (world out there) is an indication, a virtual reality projected by the CNS (central nervous system). It is made by the CNS through the senses, from contact of the whole body with the real world, passed on to the CNS via the PNS (peripheral nervous system). There is some variance possible in how we perceive, as we shift in our particular place in relation to our experience (perspective). Notion (ideas) of the world has even more variance, not just from linguistic, cultural and social settings but fluctuations in our state and sense of self. We rely on objectifying, defining and holding to our sense of self or the world (including our sense of others) or both, actively or passively, to steady ourselves and our life.Poetry 1 philosophy 2011 b

I want to steady as part of whole self; my float to land within whole being. The whole body encompasses all beyond conscious and experience – and reaches us in experience. Nothing is denied and everything fulfilled, beyond wildest dreams and deepest expectations, the whole body contains and frees all as projected parts. Turn and present to whole self, we ought, for we are its part.Poetry 1 philosophy 2011 d

Instead we steady and hold to our self, our life and wot, isolated away from whole self. What builds up in denial, further we must deny. So it takes questioning our reality and searching for actual reality and trying before trusting the whole body to turn to. The whole body is not in our (self’s) reality of sense and notion, conscious experience witnessed, our projected virtuality. Steady for, align with and present to, the whole body that must be there, in and of reality and so is. Realty, the basis to our reality.

What to do

Because we are lost in our reality, in our identity identified with what we experience, we must take measures to get beyond this fateful condition of ours. For our true destiny, we must align with and present to a whole or true self who is the whole being and whole body.

Here is an outline of how to introduce reality.

Step 1    Stop what you are doing. Make a place and time for this. You will be addressing the ongoing nature of your human condition in its sense of doing, knowing, determining and judging.

Step 2    Promote the whole body and, as you become familiar with what happens in relating with the whole body, promote what happens (1). A good reference I use for an integrated whole body is a level brain, vertical spine and even nerve roots from the spine that impregnate every part of the whole body. Practical physical steps are – square you head level over your shoulders, extend the spine, come on top of yourself, and get your other-end and haunch underneath it all, if sitting (you’ll have to “gather yourself” around the pelvis), and get your legs under that if standing.

Step 3    Then stop again. Even in an endeavour to promote and approach our whole, we must realise our limitation as a projected part; we are not the definitive entity, what we perceive or sense is at best an indication, and our intensions are not directly connected to reality or the whole body in reality. We must make an effort, to promote the whole body and to approach our whole, for otherwise we remain isolated in the human condition with our sense of doing and what we think we are doing. But then stop.

Step 4    Stop to relate with the whole body – who is there. As the sages may point out or at, reality has always been there, so why bother? There is no point, everything is in vain, within our projected reality, all is experience. My contribution is that beyond pointing at, we can understand (and be cognisant) that the whole body is reality, for us in projection as his/her projected part, and that the whole body is our source. Rather than something to get, get to or have, consider a relation with a whole body and his/her integration in you becoming a part.

We should be in awe and wonderment, as a babe is, of our bodies moving in accordance with our intentions. Even as this “normalises” or becomes familiar we should nurture the mystic or intuitive appreciation of our sense of doing manifesting in the whole body, from the whole body’s action in reality. All too often, in schooling, work and routine we are drilled into a fateful bind of identity identifying with I did it, I’m doing it and I haven’t done it yet, when it is the whole body who actually does. Our part and our relation with our whole is lost.

Stop to relate with the whole body is a special act, as the whole body is a special entity for us, as his/her projected part. Slow as a distracting or isolated part may be more apt. Rather than a conscious stop, it is like the “non action” or “wu wei” of Daoism, the way, or the Nothingness of Zen and the unknowing of Christian mysticism. I believe most human cultures have some footing in this universal gateway to reality, Nature or God.

Do not be corrective as such. Rather it is what is there presented to relate with the whole being who must be there. Understand that we come from projection and the whole being of whom we are a part is our source and the only entity in reality for us to relate with and be touched by. Our isolation and our occupation and diversion within projection has been for a long time, both individually and for countless generations, repeated in the billions of us on Earth, and set in our cultures and language. However, nothing is denied and everything of our reality encompassed as parts, by a whole self in reality. The whole body encompass more as parts, the heart’s pumping, bowels motility and secretions etc. Things that as an identity we are conscious of, may be conscious of and cannot be conscious of, the whole body is there beyond them all that pertain to us as a projected part.

And what to do can be applied in meditation, exercise, yoga, any performance, but life and everyday mundane acts and involvement (in going to sleep and awakening too). Consider yourself and what you experience as a distracting part (a cheeky, lazy, serious, uptight or cool one perhaps) to the whole who allows. Our fateful isolating bind in our reality changed, according to a true destiny as part of our whole, through our will in relating with our whole.

(1) We become a bigger part and more of a part as we integrate/are integrated with previously disassociated parts, and the whole becomes more an integrated whole. Our relation with our whole remains mystic and unknowing, and not something to grasp or have – a flux between more than one part, similar to dealing at the same time with distracting parts or multiple realities, except the self and all its realities, parts or distractions are being encompassed by their whole.