a philosophy

Poetry 1 philosophy 2011 a

I know I exist and that I exist in something – it is my world – a space, open void. I can surmise that I am not a complete thing, as my space is not: I connect (extend) and my space opens, different ways in different directions. There is a witness that recedes backwards deeply and in the face of its float I nestle tight and level, cornered across to the right. Yet above me is conscious, that reign over all I experience.

All this, me and my reality and their makeup, I can presume is being projected by the brain-spine, and I know the brain-spine is (and through it me, my reality and their makeup are) an integral part of the living whole body.

The wot (world out there) is an indication, a virtual reality projected by the CNS (central nervous system). It is made by the CNS through the senses, from contact of the whole body with the real world, passed on to the CNS via the PNS (peripheral nervous system). There is some variance possible in how we perceive, as we shift in our particular place in relation to our experience (perspective). Notion (ideas) of the world has even more variance, not just from linguistic, cultural and social settings but fluctuations in our state and sense of self. We rely on objectifying, defining and holding to our sense of self or the world (including our sense of others) or both, actively or passively, to steady ourselves and our life.Poetry 1 philosophy 2011 b

I want to steady as part of whole self; my float to land within whole being. The whole body encompasses all beyond conscious and experience – and reaches us in experience. Nothing is denied and everything fulfilled, beyond wildest dreams and deepest expectations, the whole body contains and frees all as projected parts. Turn and present to whole self, we ought, for we are its part.Poetry 1 philosophy 2011 d

Instead we steady and hold to our self, our life and wot, isolated away from whole self. What builds up in denial, further we must deny. So it takes questioning our reality and searching for actual reality and trying before trusting the whole body to turn to. The whole body is not in our (self’s) reality of sense and notion, conscious experience witnessed, our projected virtuality. Steady for, align with and present to, the whole body that must be there, in and of reality and so is. Realty, the basis to our reality.

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