4 thoughts on “hc.r

  1. Hello tt4r, your artwork is original and shows a clear aesthetic sense. All the works go very well together – each compliments the totality. Best wishes for your exhibition. Phil


    • Thank you, Phil. I hold your comments dearly. You’ve been a great support. I did notice your article on Plato and art. I was quietly surprised, he seems so serious. Aesthetics is, I suppose.We live by it. And obviously you! Tach.


  2. Yes, I didn’t know about ‘mimesis’. Human creation of a bed or a picture of a bed is human creation. There’s the human experience of them, and their actual existence in reality. They would be my categories.
    I did know about Forms though. You know I like to regard noumena and the world of Forms as reality, where the whole body lives and projects our reality of phenomena (that we as identity think we sense) from.


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