Questions unanswered  

We are too
quick to the chase
end game defines
our purpose and truth

Happiness too
becomes a thing to chase
wonderment refines
our part but struth

What to do?
shatters our place
so what? undermines
our uncertain truth

Awe and you
allow innocence to chance
with witness divines
our part in living being whole truth

Exhibition hc.r : reality and actuality

If you are in Sydney on the 19th or 20th of July this year, you might be interested in coming up to Avalon on the Northern Beaches, for an exhibition of my works.

For information on the event, see the pamphlet on this post or visit the facebook event for the latest.

Event :

knobbly join

knobbly join

knobbly join


We’re a knobbly join
a fleeting fluctuating float
isolating join in between
our outside and within

What we experience
and the experience itself
outside and within
our self in between
the wot and the wit (see diag. below)

What is experience
without self
is there self
without experience,
it’s a wobbly join

But we’re witnessed
a deeper being is there
and are conscious
and all encompassed
by a whole being within creation
knobbly join

The witness

The witness is a void, like a displaced or disassociated complement to the manifestant parts of our reality, namely the self and what it experiences, by which they are recognised or made aware. As we enter our actuality, the conscious always conscious of and our deeper being are also recognised. The self as an actuality consists then of these disassociated aspects, including the witness. Our projected actuality may be captured in space and related with the whole body.

conscious mind deeper sense witnessed with settings

conscious mind deeper sense witnessed with settingsd

conscious mind deeper sense witnessed

conscious mind deeper sense witnessed

Regression Rejection Return

We await and sense our doom
from inside our mother’s womb
in case it’s just another room
we move to before our tomb

Living being encompass our all
our rise and fall within his/her hall
we wander around as if in a mall
seeing and sensing but avoiding the wall
the wall that separates us from our whole

The whole body carry’s our soul
lives and moves as the entity sole
he/she is our model and role
pays for our toll
allows passage through our all

So slow to be and be free
exist as part of a whole entity
beyond the wall that sets us as identity
gain entry to life and plea
for our part in who lives and will die for thee

What is the witness

The witness is not a “what”
a concept or notion
but part of the construct for
having an experience of the “what”

Asking “what is the witness?”
is like a camera
trying to turn its aperture
to capture its film

And the self as an actuality
cannot be a concept
because actuality is not a concept;
our reality is experience, notion and sense
“what” we think and sense is not an actuality

And in self referencing or
the self referencing the self
is a conundrum, the self referencing conundrum;
it is the confusion and avoidance
when approaching the necessary disassociation
for having an experience (my def’n),
it’s the agreement and conspiracy
let’s keep things to notion and sense
of “what’s what” and avoid the conundrum
that we won’t face and cannot
in “what” (concept),
“what we experience”,
and “the experience itself of what”

Right in the depths
of that conundrum
is the witness
like a void

The backdrop and reference for the experience,
what is experienced
and the self having an experience

A vacuum, disassociation itself
the displacement for the manifestation of
the self and experience,
for our reality to be and witnessed

What is experienced
is referenced and determined
by the self
in terms of the self and its
perception –
states of conscious, mind and being as well as
condition of body and its sensors
context –
background including culture, gender, race and age,
history, own past and education, experience
and expression –
mainly language, gesture, costume, prompts and props

The witness is a greater self
it references the self having and experience
as well as the experience itself

My point is to capture all
as projection is a category
beyond what and having an experience of
and its construct including the witness

CNS creates and places the world we may experience
what we experience, the experience, the self having an experience
the conscious and deeper being
the disassociation between displaced parts
and the witness to recognise these

Actuality, the self as experience,
being experiential of self,
skirts the conundrum of baby talk and babble
stop with your words and slow down for your actuality
and before long, before your Babel’s tower turns to rubble, refer to whole body

From projected actuality to reality
category but also reference for
our reality and self does belong
before rest of creation
to a whole being

Witness is a part projected
from the whole body in reality
orientation allow for this perspective and speak

The wot (world out there) and the wit (world in there)
the object of our experience “what”, the self and witness
there-ness of what’s there beyond what they are
“where” as projection in relation to whole body
to relate with the whole body there, is and as,
and in and of, reality