Know and Understand

towards the hold on gravity

towards the hold on gravity

I don’t understand
why I know and why I don’t know
how I know     how I don’t
why I should
why I should not

It is good to know
right to understand
is it not our truth to

but really understand
how   why
when and where and who

am I
do I
does anyone
should we

Free me
life dare
I stare where
action bespeak
our part

We plan and pretend

and wait
to see it happen

into our future
even hedge
for what ever happens

We are alone
deep within a terrestrial whole
individual and unique
part of life on Earth,
indispensable in and of creation

Our occupation and diversion
fears of death and isolation
Our aloneness, separation and togetherness
sense of connection or belonging
Our understanding and knowing
strength of truth and confusion

The whole body is alive, is, does and will die

In between we may know and understand
and not
and what’s what and not

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