Exhibition hc.r : reality and actuality

If you are in Sydney on the 19th or 20th of July this year, you might be interested in coming up to Avalon on the Northern Beaches, for an exhibition of my works.

For information on the event, see the pamphlet on this post or visit the facebook event for the latest.

Event : https://www.facebook.com/events/676419892441186/

3 thoughts on “Exhibition hc.r : reality and actuality

  1. Hi Tach, Congratulations on your exhibition! The space looks really sunny and appropriate and you have obviously created a large range of very expressive work. Where to from here? Phil


    • Where in deed. Planning next exhibit, video material, and on going paintings and poetry. I did 4 talks and catching up with the footage – much to learn about giving talks but the content, I think, is there. I lead the group in relating to the whole body and reality. Would like to develop that further.
      And thank you Phil, for your interest and support. I’m using my name now on facebook. My contact with you started that process. Tach


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