Gravity grabs out of sight

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Light takes time but gravity is instantaneous, present.


E=mC2, speed of light squaredxmass =Energy
in the light

gravity grabs
but out of sightgrvity grabs 1 (2)

we flick on the light
and we’re off out in sight
photons and speed of light
determine our relative plight

objective observer is there
awake from quantum slumber
of “observer makes a difference”
but “what can I do”
– being there is a clue

Just like gravity
and rather than a radiance that takes time to reach
the whole body is present
in the present

we are lost in projection
our parameter, perimeter, para-matter)
of our world’s photonic sense
from our eyes

is matter

gravity is presentgrvity grabs 1 (1)
presence is there
is before our time
(of photonic projection)
is creation

The whole body
is true self
whole self
present in creation
is of creation,

and reprogramming
from knowing to unknowing
then a deeper being

The layers of photonic
reckoning in
time and space,
as identity

Orientated with
whole body
solid matter
in gravity

Presence who is
the future and past
the way
and contains our part

Our reality and To do or do be, a be see?:

Two poems from Orientation ii I was sorting, for Emily’s poetry collection. sexinthekitchensink

our reality:
Our reality extends
and the spaces we occupy open,
different ways in different directions.

We usually ignore this,
the particularity of our construct,
to identify with the indications
our senses bring.

Just two dimensional images
from one surface of
whole bodies in reality
touched by the rest of creation,
our reality’s symmetry.

Just two dimensional images
from one surface of
whole bodies in reality
touched by the rest of creation,
our reality’s symmetry.

to do or do be, a be see?:
from the epoche and through aporia,
jungle stares “friend or foe”
mesmerised before the fight or flight cliff edge,
aloof, do or die
we “jump to”
determine and decide, guess and pretend
and “what to do”

Know and Understand

towards the hold on gravity

towards the hold on gravity

I don’t understand
why I know and why I don’t know
how I know     how I don’t
why I should
why I should not

It is good to know
right to understand
is it not our truth to

but really understand
how   why
when and where and who

am I
do I
does anyone
should we

Free me
life dare
I stare where
action bespeak
our part

We plan and pretend

and wait
to see it happen

into our future
even hedge
for what ever happens

We are alone
deep within a terrestrial whole
individual and unique
part of life on Earth,
indispensable in and of creation

Our occupation and diversion
fears of death and isolation
Our aloneness, separation and togetherness
sense of connection or belonging
Our understanding and knowing
strength of truth and confusion

The whole body is alive, is, does and will die

In between we may know and understand
and not
and what’s what and not