on and on the human condition

celebration, being a part of

on and on, the human condition
parts of its whole as projected actuality
projected parts of a whole being in reality

hold on gravity

hold on gravity

3 choked up sense from spine with displacements to hold on gravity jpeg

choked up sense from spine with displacements, to hold on gravity

poem W2 choked

choked up in a head poem W2 new choked

5 img068

conscious mind deeper being witnessed, cornered across centred right up front

4 conscious shear arch of language and base clef Jul14

conscious shear forms its realms W2 new Jul14

The journey

Easy to despair with the human condition – stuck in its fate, struggling with particular destinies, displaced from its true destiny as part of its true whole. Not outside nor within, but encompassing all – outside and inside and you, as an identity, in between – subject and object and the witnessing of both. A whole being who creates and places or projects our all.

on and on, the human condition

on and on, the human condition

Never ending it seems,
the journey
but a whole being is there
always, in reality –
for us as an identity
to be and to be with experience

It is not something for us to get or
somewhere to get to
but a whole being there
always, for us to relate with –
that we can be lost from as we identify
with our self and what we experience exclusively

Everything then, is a part
including our self, others and our path –
what you experience and where you get to,
outside or inside, and what you experience then –
everything you experience
in your here and now, dreaming or past
is a projected part of a whole being present
in the present, in reality

“Hold on gravity”

hold on gravity with top and bottom flagella

Depictions and a description of the “hold on gravity”.


The “hold on gravity” is the necessary displacement of reality for our particular reality we experience and including our self, to manifest as actuality. The reality of whole beings, whole entities, dust, vapours and gases in and of gravity, space and time, are displaced necessarily for the creation and placement or projection of our reality – our space, time and what manifests of our self, others and our world for us to experience. An individual whole body projects our reality, and in the “hold on gravity” is the displacement, of the whole body solid in and of gravity and present in the present, indicated.

hold on gravity

Our projected actuality is “held” by the “hold on gravity”, throughout the levels. Our cognitive sense set by contrast, from five senses and with various perspectives. Our emotive sense is set by conflict from differing emotions. Somatic or bodily sense from our parts will contradict. Our gut instincts of will, desire and need conspire, and our intuitive or direct and immediate sense we are ultimately taken by confirm or condemn what we may determine of our reality, against the “hold on gravity”.

hold on gravity on erect protozoa

hold on gravity with the conscious and its heel on the whole body

hold on gravity with mind body, conscious and its heel and cornered levels

The “hold on gravity” is also conception, the end point of regression, and the origin/beginning of a living whole being in creation – in his or her singular essence at conception, a single cell, “cosmic”.

Be led

A whole being awaits
our return, our coming home

Under our plank
lost in projection
we await to be met

Be led by your breath
– it gathers your deepest being and out there
your conscious and witness –
and refer to your whole
who must be there
actually breathing
in reality

Be led by your life
and refer to your whole
who must be there
actually living
alive in creation

And by your words and deeds be led
and refer to your whole
who must be there
actually mouthing and doing
amongst other whole beings and entities


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Artworks depicting aspects of the human condition and its relation with reality, the whole body alive in creation, will be on display

talk : a whole body exists in reality
demonstrations : the human condition as a projected actuality

Artworks depict aspects of the human condition and its relation with reality, the whole body alive in creation.


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