The journey

Easy to despair with the human condition – stuck in its fate, struggling with particular destinies, displaced from its true destiny as part of its true whole. Not outside nor within, but encompassing all – outside and inside and you, as an identity, in between – subject and object and the witnessing of both. A whole being who creates and places or projects our all.

on and on, the human condition

on and on, the human condition

Never ending it seems,
the journey
but a whole being is there
always, in reality –
for us as an identity
to be and to be with experience

It is not something for us to get or
somewhere to get to
but a whole being there
always, for us to relate with –
that we can be lost from as we identify
with our self and what we experience exclusively

Everything then, is a part
including our self, others and our path –
what you experience and where you get to,
outside or inside, and what you experience then –
everything you experience
in your here and now, dreaming or past
is a projected part of a whole being present
in the present, in reality

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