What is reality? Is not everything perception and observation?

Many things are called reality. There’s what we may experience that we think we perceive and observe. The self who experiences, thinks it observes, perceives, sees, does and thinks it thinks is an elusive entity, but is there for us to be having an experience. Our reality includes our self, together with the conscious, witness, deeper being, and what we may experience. The actual self is a disassociation of those aspects – I recognise it as the void or Emptiness, through which we are having an experience.

From actuality we can either go back to “me and my experience”, or refer to our whole. A whole being in reality projects, or creates and places, from his or her Central nervous System, our reality of perception and observation, including what we may think we see that the whole body has “seen” with real eyes and allows us to think we see.

Everything that we experience and think and feel we are, is projection in projection, and encompassed by the whole body in reality. Our all is experience and a projected part of our whole. We can only experience things as projected by the whole body. However, the whole body (his or her whole self), to whom we as an identity belong, is a special entity in reality we are affected and influenced by. From within our all we may relate with our whole.

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