It works!

If something worked
we say it works
and we think it’s because
“I tried it”

What is “I”, what is “it’
and what is trying
and deciding what to try

The world is happening
am I in it, or choose to join it

The whole body is in reality
and gives us, in our virtual version,
room to consider
How long should we consider
or  should we not

Why don’t we refer
to the whole who gives
us the questions and the choices
and allows for us to think we decide

Decide and act
what should I do
what do I want
what do we need

We reflect
inside and out
with our self or with others and the world

our backdrop
to our inside and out,
the witness to our
thinking, assuming, believing
I see, I decide, I try

Actuality is our
to our whole

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