hc turned

The human condition as a projected actuality, is depicted as I mark out some of its boundaries, and capture/present this in video.

The human condition (hc) as projected actuality, is created and placed by the whole body in reality from his or her Central Nervous System. We are an identity or self. Beyond what we are and what we experience (what’s what – goes on for ever), there’s where we are and where we experience or have our experience (the where of it – not why or the aware of what, but the where of), there-as-is actual, as and in projection and as placed in space in relation to the whole body.

We in our actuality, may relate with our whole in reality, who projects us. Our sense of togetherness and independence, otherness and self are projected parts, encompassed by the whole self in reality. He or she can never be experience, as any other thing or being in and of reality can never be experience – reality is not the experience of it. “We” may “experience” in our reality, aspects of reality, but the whole body we individually belong to is a special entity for our individual self.

These depictions indicate the placement of our projected actuality – they depict where we are projected. They point at our actuality, from which we may regard reality, the whole body alive in and of creation. For us in projection, an identity having an experience, the whole self is the only one in reality. Every other thing in reality is next to and separate from our whole, and can only manifest for us in projection as indications, as perceived, created and placed by the whole being we belong to.

Because we are projected in space, orientation in space is the way to capture our actuality as projection. Because we are projected by the whole body, we may orientate with our whole and be affected by him or her, relate with him or her and actualise in our truth of being a projected part that is of and in him or her. It is precisely the process of reality we stave off by holding and being chased into our reality, to what we experience.

What else is there? The actual self in projection, and the whole self who is in and of reality.

The whole self does not deny work or play. He or she allows for our sleep and love, for thought and feeling, sense of being, of the existence of others or the world, Nature, Earth and heaven, our all as part of our whole.

Actuality beyond words

“What is it ?” we may ask
And expect an answer
For saying, there’s a reply

The space we occupy as identity, is filled with notion and sense. Non-sense if we determine or demand actuality.

With notion and sense we can only surmise and imagine, and think we can try things out if we want to – and we think we do. But it is the whole body who is and does … anything, everything. The whole body is alive in creation, present in the present.

Rather than our usual moment to moment grasp, our time elapsing, it’s between the words there’s room to begin a decent breath, and then to be actuality beyond words.

original authentic

In being original, we go against the grain. For our human world as it is, denies the authentic.

We identify with what we think we experience, and what we think we, others and the world are, The whole body, of whom we are, is authentic, in and of reality. We may be true as what we are, a projected part. Instead we think we are, and think we think. The actual self is a void and avoided, and our relation with the whole self is lost. She or he is the authentic being, alive in creation.


It’s not
something to get.
We are conscious and aware
but we forget,
we fare
mother’s womb.

With shock
we forget.
We were plugged and contained
so we get
wot we experience.

wot : the world out there

wot : the world out there

and aware.
We were closer than close in mother’s womb
we forget,
yet expect
look to get.

Can’t be touched
where we sense.
Except by whole being, born of womb
but we get
what we get.

We are
a part.
Plugged and contained
but get this,
projection and
not in womb.

Whole body
is there.
Alive in creation, present in the present
no buts to get,
be a part of, lets,
us be a part let.



fore getting
and the forgetting
known and the unknown
emotive, somatic, gut instinctive, intuitive, mystic, cosmic and spiritual
our part and our whole


wot : the world out there
projection : the creation and placement of our reality including our self by the whole self, from the whole body’s Central Nervous System.

Letter to Phil

When I was a boy snorkeling at Black Rock in Port Philip Bay in Melbourne, I discovered a small cannon 3 feet long that I brought back to shore with some difficulty. Picking it up from some depths, the weight of it prevented me surfacing so had to drop, take a breath, dive and carry, repeatedly back towards the shallows.

I am embarrassed to say, and it reflects my alienation with bureaucracy, but after years – and I preserved, drafted an image on graph paper, and contemplated its origins as well as what to do with it – I decided the authorities would not process it in meaningful ways, and I got rid of it.

I am now sorry, but in telling you about it helps me see the position I find myself with my work.

The bridge between history, nature, our journeys, the arts, philosophy and science, is us. Not our words and works. The actual self that may not be cognitively determined, but is there for the sensitive to notice as a hint beyond what appears of our works and words.

The glitter of what appears and our surface self that appears more certain for its contact with what appears, needs to be confronted and trained – like an unruly vine – to its actuality. Then, in the gestalt, the here and now or emptiness, that is our actuality, we may relate with nothingness, the absence of the solid whole body in reality, who is wilderness, nature, creation and reality, who encompasses our all as a projected part– wherever or whatever we as an identity may think and feel we get to, are, experience, have or do, it is the whole self who is the whole body in reality, who is, is there, and does. Our relation with our whole is the way, process of reality, communion with God, connection with Life, salvation, validation, redemption. Whatever our individual human context and reality may be, they are based on and formed by a whole being in reality. I insist on a distinction between the self and the whole self on these basis.

As for the institutions, their bureaucratic nature is our post-modern end. What they represent, be education, health, commerce, law etc. is stifled, bound in transparent accountability, too busy in doing their business or service in compartmentalised broken lines. They reflect the loss of humanity, our authenticity, as community, family and individuals are gathered and shuffled, reared and kept, in the ever increasing pervasion of institutions, but also urbanisation, commercialism and technology.

I haven’t given up on the institutions but recognise their place and limitations. Though the typed text and digital image and sound in monitors is sucking our lives into them, I hope through them to get the message out, of our part in a process of reality that is our relation with the whole body to whom we belong as parts. I express it in art and poetry, formalised it in the method or system “Orientation”, and exercise it in a physical and an inner or meditative practice.  

The future is bleak, of course. Unknowingly, and some may forgive “for they/we know not” what, humanity has committed itself to what it knows creative or intuitive or not. They/we may be forgiven for not knowing anything but what we know, and then there’s the Old Testament and the Tree of Knowledge – dammed for knowing, away from innocence.

Knowing must be a part of a relation with our whole.

“I think I am” and “I think the world is” and yes, we can think those things and have our personal contexts, narrow or not, but know that reality is the whole body who holds our knowing and their contexts as projected parts. We may think about and question what we think, our thinking, and our self that thinks. Beyond our cognitive, our deeper emotive, somatic, instinctive and intuitive, and what may be considered our mystic and cosmic or spiritual grounds and experiences, is what experiences and the witnessing of our experiencing. It is our actuality, in which we may settle into our whole who is reality and touched by the rest of reality.


The wilderness of our whole being :
Not an institutionally designated one
or that’s determined in our mind.
Encompasses our all
that we may notice and sense.
Resides in creation
in and of reality.

Allow for our whole
for he or she allows for our all;
we and our reality being
projected parts.

Beyond our wishes and plans
our knowing and know how
our all may be,
through us but in our whole.

Sustainable presence
as we settle free.in our part
in harmony and balance
within our whole.

Everything changes

In my early twenties I became conscious of being liberated and free with the notion to not expect anything. There was the simple appreciation of life and existence – beauty in a weed or profundity in a moment or in enacting an act. A lot of it was compensation for disappointment or emptiness. Expect nothing, so as to grasp the moment as it is, to live the moment, or perhaps through and beyond the moment grasped, to find life herself.

Have no expectation would work for a period of time, a day or two, sometimes not long at all. To get there or it, might take moments to hours and sometimes it didn’t work. I had to work at it.

Now I know of the whole body and the spirit, one and present. I understand the “hold on gravity” (the displaced countenance to our projected actuality) and the constant (identity) we pretend to be (in virtuality assuming it to be perpetuity). The hc identified with the wot against the whole body in and of reality, gravity and the present, determines our metaphysical make-up in projection. The hc is invalid in being isolated from its whole, identified with what is experienced rather than who creates and places, or projects, our reality of our self and what we experience.

We and our reality are actuality. They exist, but in and as projection or projected actuality, as projected parts of a whole being in creation, in reality. No constant reference in projection can release our particular settings also in projection.

Even the whole body is easily reduced to a concept or a mantra, a “thing”. The thing itself as is, and its actuality, is beyond understanding, cognition or mind’s grasp. The whole body who is, is there in reality beyond projected actuality, experience, and our sense and notion.

The zen and the gestalt takes one beyond the goal, experience, state, process, and the self – through actuality, reality or the way (Dao) may open. But the basis for everything is the whole body who projects our reality. The spirit one, at the core of every one thing, is the essence of the whole of creation or All creation God. It is the true constant beyond references, a true gravitational presence and life.