Self-s and the whole body

Can we not discriminate
whole self from self

Our conscious self
or the self that is conscious

Our witnessing self
or the self that witnesses

Our experiencing self
or the self that experiences

Our deeper being
or the self that is deep within

Our self-s that differ
with different experiences and company
on different occasions
in different situations

Our truth may then be established authentic
as a part of a whole being and whole self
complete amongst other wholes
consistent in reality and
dynamic in creation,
the living whole body
of matter in gravity and present in the present

14 thoughts on “Self-s and the whole body

    • Thank you and no, there are limits to what we can know. Philosophy has examined the nature of knowledge – epistemology. Our experiences extend beyond what we can know. Beyond our sense and notion, and what we can know of the self is the self as an actuality.

      I want to establish that all we experience, as well as all that we are as self and identity to be having an experience, are projected parts of the whole body, whole self and being in reality or creation. We can know that we are not a definitive entity as self or identity, and belong as a projected part of a whole being and self in reality. As projected actuality and part, we may relate with the whole body in reality.


      • Great minds! I’ve always appreciated a piece that can be related or based in one’s philosophical theories. While I thoroughly enjoy the exploration that is epistemology (and to a somewhat lesser degree, metaphysics), I’ve always loved ethics first and foremost.

        Back to your point about parts and the whole, dialogue is part of recognizing that broader reality. A Socratic dialogue to stretch on forever.


      • Fore ever, the eternal path, the way,gawk talk fore lay our way. Whole body’s extent determine the levels, our knowing, feeling, being, gut instiinct and intuition, what it is to be human, a whole being of whom we are a part. Our foreever is a part to relate, with the whole body, with.

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  1. Tach, thank you for letting me know that my music files were not playing. The deceptive point about it is that from my end (computer) everything was working fine. I think I have worked out what the problem was and now will re-install all the music files in the relevant posts. Again, thank you. Phil


  2. Tach, Today (for the first time) I looked into how my posts (particularly those with music files) display on different computers. I’m glad for a number of reasons that I did so. On an old Apple I have kept the player showed but would not play. On a couple of old Windows systems, not only didn’t the player show but even the share buttons (Twitter etc.) displayed incorrectly. I checked on a Windows computer at Sydney Uni. (I was told it is up to date) and everything displayed (and played one post I had fixed) correctly…including the ads, which I saw for the first time (all I see on my computer is an innocent white box in which, I read, ads ‘might’ be displayed). So as soon as I came home I paid another $30 to have the ads blocked – I’m a bit embarrassed to think that this is what people have been seeing on my posts. Phil


    • What appears and what is apparent may be the beginning to what we can determine of our projected reality, but I want to establish the actuality of our self as our connection with reality, the whole body alive in creation. Excuse me for insisting. Tach


  3. Tach, I note your point. And in reply to your kind comment on my blog – at the moment I am having difficulty converting a file – I think I’m there with myself at Walker Street as well… Phil


  4. Completely loved the concept of truth itself needs to be established authentic.. Were you trying to project that truth also has different shades.. May be we live in a not so genuine world… :/ Sigh..
    Loved the poetry.. I got my day’s doze of philosophy! 😬☺️


    • Enough, probably. But our truth is a part of the whole body in reality. One could consider him or her the whole truth, in the sense that he or she encompasses all that we are and may experience – the whole self creates and places, or projects, our reality from his or her nervous system. Beyond philosophy and science is our projected actuality and our relation with the whole being we belong to as a part.


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