Passionately pivotal
reflective on edge
lost in projection
never mind translation

Matter in gravity
presence in the present
alive in creation
whole body in reality

latched on experience
etched in memory

One’s here and now
being some body
identity and self
having an experience

Because identified
as self with what’s experienced
consider and relate with
the one who beith

get ready,
with whole body
as a part necessary
as a part be steady

I too must belong
identified as I am
with my self
and you who
know, recognise and call
me my name my face
I cannot see
except reflected in you

I long to belong
with my terrestrial whole,
you who are my whole
displaced from
for me to call you you

While having an experience
released from what is experienced
as actuality
touched by the one whole
who projects me and my all

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