Video script 2 “hc centred right”

Have you ever wondered if we actually exist ? What are we ? Are we the self or are we more what we experience? We know we are conscious, and aware of things that are witnessed. What about our deeper being ?

They are all parts of our reality. And they exist, but as projection.

Our reality is created and placed by a whole being, projected through his or her nervous system. Beyond all that we are and may experience, our reality is projection – we exist as projected actuality.

The whole body is the whole self and whole being, alive in creation, solid in gravity, present in the present, amongst other whole entities. This is reality.

Please remember this; our reality is a projected part of the whole body in reality.

In my previous short video the “hc turned”, I showed how the outside comes around the right, across the front and tucks back, and how we come across from the inside to impress on the world out there. The hc turned.

Let’s now step further into our projected actuality. There’s the wot, our line-up with and facing the wot, the self having an experience, through to our witness. The depths of our reality are laid out in space and in relation with the whole body, it is centred on his or her right. It happens to be where our reality, of our self and what we experience is placed.

It is where we are projected, where our actuality is. Not about what it is or why, the answers to which depend on perspective, perception, context and world views. We can question what we experience, but in our own actuality there can be no reflecting, observing, or distancing to consider – we are it and simply there.

However, we can stop and capture ourselves in space and, in thus establishing our actuality, relate with our whole being, who “must be there” in and of reality.
So let me repeat, the wot, our line-up with and facing the wot, the self having an experience and through to our witness, captured where they are in space, and in relation with the whole body, centred right.

With these videos I hope to take you to your actuality as projection, and through this find your relation with the whole body.

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