Video script : “hc centred right and actuality”

Have you ever wondered if we actually exist ? What are we ? Are we the self or are we more what we experience ? We know we are conscious, and aware of our self, others and the things that are witnessed ? What about our deeper being ?

I understand that they are parts of our reality. Our self-s and our worlds, outside and within, in our knowing, experiencing and being – they all exist, as “projection”.

Let me explain, our reality is projection. It is created and placed by a whole being, projected through his or her nervous system. All that we are, and all that we may experience and be, in our reality, is projection. We exist, and the world we experience exists, as projected actuality. In contrast, the whole body is reality. He or she projects our reality as a part. The whole body is the whole self and the whole being – alive in creation, solid in gravity, present in the present, who is of reality and in reality, amongst other whole entities on Earth.

So : the whole body is in and of reality; our reality is projection, a projected part of the whole body.

And what does that mean ? Being a part of a whole body in reality ? Is it for us then, to become the whole body or reach reality ? I suspect we will always be a projected part, but as a part shouldn’t we relate with our whole ? – be affected, touched by reality who is the whole self. What is there to fear or doubt if it is the whole self ? Indeed you may ask where is reality, the whole being who “must be” there ? Can you think about a relation with the whole self in reality, who encompasses your all. Let me introduce some steps towards this possibility.

In the video “hc turned”, I showed “where” the outside comes around the right, across the front and tucks back, and “where” we come across from the inside to impress on the world out there. The hc turned, “I’m it” and “that’s the wot”.cntd Router wot j

We explore further now, our projected actuality : there’s the wot, our line-up with and facing the world we can determine, the self having an experience through to the back, and the witness behind. The depths of our reality are laid out in space. As we settle in our actuality, we relate with the whole body, as a projected part.

From identified with what you experience, in your line-up as if blinkered, you will probably notice the immediate spaces around you. The projected parts of your reality float in their actuality, and you can further orientate in space and with the whole body. Notice how you and your reality of experience and being, extend and open, in different ways, in different directions. Our symmetry is a swirl beyond where we keep to and hold our “here and now” world of words and what we sense. But there’s also our feeling and being. You will find the core a useful reference for the solid whole body. Also consider your breath – the sense of your breath, from which to regard the whole body, who is of real breath, in reality.

Also, if it happens to be so, you may notice being centred on the right of the whole body. Your actuality, of the world you experience and your self, centred to the right in relation with the whole body. I have come to understand it in terms of the whole body, the nervous system and the organs, and the dramatic changes of birth and other shock that leaves its wake through the body.

First and foremost however, it is where ever it happens to be,our actuality, but in relation with the whole body. It is where our reality, of our self and the world, is placed; where we are, where our actuality is. It is not about some thing, what it is or why, that depend on perspective and our perception, reckoning, understanding and knowing. It is “the where” of it, “there-ness”. It is where our reality is “taking place”, being and unfolding, becoming. With our own actuality, there is no reflecting, observing, or distancing to consider – we are it and simply there. But because our actuality is projection we may furthermore, refer to a whole self who projects us.

Normally, we are identified with our self and what we sense and know. We can lock in and hold to the unfolding symmetry of our floating reality. We can also stop and capture ourselves in space, and, in thus establishing our actuality, relate with the whole being, who “must be there”, in reality.

It starts from where we end up : the wot, our line-up with and facing the wot, the self having an experience through to the back, and the witness behind. There’s our deeper being through deeper realms – we open and extend, different ways in different directions. The “where” of our all, our actuality “there”, is related with the whole body who “must be there”.

I have tried to introduce our projected actuality and something of its relation with the whole body. It comes of an “orientation” of our reality as projection, in space and with the whole body.

I plan to further present Gendo and Orientation, their orientation and methods, to capture the hc and introduce reality.

“hc centred right and actuality”                                    tt Oct14

hc.r : human condition and reality
Gendohcr      Gendo Orientation

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