solemn struggle
to get and get to
next set of events
where we
be significant
in someway
becoming something somewhere
holding our own within

actually we are a part
in actuality we are a part
as a part of our whole
there’s nothing
to get or get to

we’re not next to
but a part of who is
next to other wholes and
touched by the rest of creation

3 thoughts on “Actuality

    • Thank you very much, Phil. Getting there with my video script. Go through the work step by step, and present in bite size bits. How are you ?
      My youngest is 2 more exams before his HSC is over. I remember the confidence in knowing what is necessary and contained at secondary school. So different to the various levels of the tertiary institutions, where an apparent openness to knowledge and understanding is confined by their bureaucratic processes. Or are you over it, perhaps finished with them?


      • Hi Tach, best wishes for your youngest in his HSC exams. I have had the results of my total commitment over 32 years silently and efficiently thieved from me by the ideologues of the bourgeoisie at 2 universities (UNSW and Sydney). I will be writing to both universities about this. I have not the slightest hope of a shred of honesty from either but I will be writing to them to objectify my life (to assert myself and defend my achievements in the face of hostile, mean-spirited timeservers). I am increasingly disgusted by Australian culture and will look into moving to Asia to live – particularly China if that will be possible. Best regards, Filippo del mondo


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