The one there

We are aware
of what is witnessed,
a mirror to each other
and the world.
But then, what is here
or is it there ?

“I am the one
that is there”
– a projected part of a godly being
in creation and on Earth.

We be an identity
projected also by a whole being
reflective in face of the one
that is there.

In response to today’s posts on my reader.

Neo-conservatism reigns in post-modern flux. We have peeled off the back of the exponential population curve, cyclic through modernity, retrograde towards its end, then to this uncertainty.

Eternal bliss or kiss, or do we miss what does not exist. I wanna live for ever, kiss or no kiss !

World wars and catastrophe has laid our path.
It is trial and error. It seems we don’t learn or is it the new frontiers and possibility that come with new technology. We’ve hit the exponential wall of our population growth. The enemy has been us, we are causing our own destruction, that should be clear now there’s nothing but us to blame and to be reflected.

We reflect, express and carry out, as institutions, bureaucracies and government are supposed to. Where does one start, where did it all start from, how can we fit into or change it at all ? It’s big and we’re in it, the human condition and humanity. We carry on but are now hitting an exponential wall in our population curve, reflected in every other curve.

In the human condition we hold to our reality against reality by identifying with what we experience exclusively.
Reality is the whole being alive in creation by whom our reality is created and placed for us to identify with and for us to be and in.
For us in our reality it must be indirect, our relation with the whole self and whole body of whom we are a part.

“What are we doing here ?”

What are we doing here ?

We enter the exponential peaking of the global population curve. Everything is taken with it.

We are the biggest biomass on land after our cows (jump to global biomass of species Wikipedia). This goes hand in hand with the disappearance of species and their numbers, pollution, and the destruction of environments. We see extremes in urban development and life-style (commuting, inequality, services, number of laws etc). Individuals, families and communities are stressed. It is hard to see a meaningful future beyond our “daily grind”.

What’s going on ? What are we ? Where are we headed ? Does anybody bother with such questions ? I think most do, but don’t have a meaningful or fruitful place for such questions – they might make us stop or give up. And so we are burdened, alone, and underneath it all, depressed and made anxious by them.

They are age old questions, a part of the human condition. We may reflect on them after the more practical issues of survival and reproduction are addressed, reflected upon and plan for action or what to do. We have this capacity, to not only engage with the world but to set ourselves back from it and reflect on the past and possible future outcomes. But the questions about our existence, “Why do we live but also die ?”, “What is our purpose or reason ?”, “Do we actually exist ?”, do not have the satisfactory answers we expect of planning what to do and making sure of results.

Our reflective planning for action and future outcomes, useful for problems to fix or for work to be done, seem to collapse when turned to the existence of things and in particular ourselves. We get stuck in our thoughts. This threat of inaction and withdrawal is opposed by creativity which becomes more and more dependent on appreciation by other people as natural needs such as clothing, housing, rearing and feeding are surpassed. Our cultures have developed to urban and technological expression of this avoidance of the existential “why”s and the appreciating of one another, but to such a degree that the medium that is technological and the appreciants who are urban and anonymous dominate the content that is our cultures.

The existential questions are also exposed as the “splat screen” that is our engagement with the world we may experience, is splatted with the exponential consequences of humanity indicated in the population curve. We can no longer deny the consequence of human activity, nor our own involvement. The people apparently in charge are in institutions, monitoring and gnawing at aspects of their specialty. They too reflect, the human condition faced and focused on an aspect of reality. No body seems to be able to address reality or entirety, nor themselves.

While we are alive and the Earth sustains our life-styles, we may address our selves, rather than just go along with, stuck in the traffic of humanity. For existing and being something there are questions. It may seem easier to be no body. There’s a lot to be said for acceptance and humbleness. But much is avoidance, putting up with what cannot be changed. The quiet scream of the suburbs of the 1970’s has turned into the mass conformity of the post-modern work force.

What is there beyond survival and reproduction ? Surviving well and prosperity ? Is there anything that answers for futility and mortality ?

Questions go with our state of being and our reality. A solution must go beyond an answer to the question but address the condition that bears the questions. Our questions arise of our identity identified with what it experiences as reality.

I have repeatedly stressed that our reality, both our self and what we experience, are created and placed, or projected, by the whole body in reality. There are different, deeper and variable parts to us, but the general tendency throughout them is to an exclusive identification with our self and what we experience, “I’m it” and “that’s the world out there”, that denies the whole body and our possible relation with the one who projects our all.

Nothing is denied of our parts but validated for what they are, projected parts. The difference is that we can be more of an integrated part, and the whole being is more integrated with more integrated parts. Thus we are also more a part of reality.

We may be closer to other wholes if other identities can also relate with their whole, closer to the rest of reality and the real world for being more integrated and related with the whole body, closer to the spirit, the essence of All creation and the whole body at his or her core (see nothingness, emptiness and the spirit


Up up chase to the source
down down belly Earth
rise level reach vertical
core the reference
other end the clue,
clue to what not
Nothingness, core
whole body, reality
spirit and All creation

Solid whole body
whole being
whole self
presence of the present
matter and gravity
in and of creation, there
touched by the rest of creation

We are set in language, by the senses and people


Passionately pivotal
reflective on edge
lost in projection
never mind translation

Matter in gravity
presence in the present
alive in creation
whole body in reality

latched on experience
etched in memory

One’s here and now
being some body
identity and self
having an experience

Because identified
as self with what’s experienced
consider and relate with
the one who beith

get ready,
with whole body
as a part necessary
as a part be steady

I too must belong
identified as I am
with my self
and you who
know, recognise and call
me my name my face
I cannot see
except reflected in you

I long to belong
with my terrestrial whole,
you who are my whole
displaced from
for me to call you you

While having an experience
released from what is experienced
as actuality
touched by the one whole
who projects me and my all

closing in on actuality

I think I am,
regress further
to actuality and self.

Is there reality ? Do I exist ? What am I for ?

These are existential questions.

Of us, they remain unanswered and keeps us
with what we can grasp and determine,
and hold as certain parts in our contexts and world views.

As projected part for thy sake relate,
with the one who is whole and projects our all.

Minds latch and noose garrotte,
soul’s reach and deeper being
witnessed conscious experience and self.
Our linguistic, sensorial and existential grip
I think I am, we are there for we are.
There there we are they’re,
witnessed all projected parts.

Presence be almighty where
experience seed our conjecture
projection and actuality,
and relation with whole self.

Institutional assessments

Institutional assessments (or all that we are good for)

our context crushed on a line
in a scale from 0 to 9
what’s mine is fine
as actuality
projected there and where
our scaling crush
and define
susceptible and gullible
in our reality

we are part
of whole body
able of will in person
we can follow at will our choice
apart from
whole body

relate as part
of whom you belong
with all that is
of you and your reality

dependable and reliable in reality
the one whole,

relatable for all
his or her parts,
when they are ready

make ready



to all those to be assessed in institutions, including these I blogged these past days

Actuality and reality

Can we establish our actuality
our existence as projection
and the world’s, within and out,
created and placed
by the whole body in reality

Authenticity belongs with
the whole self and
our self as a projected part
and our many self-s as projected parts

Projection means
we belong to who projects
our projected reality
is a part of who’s in reality

And as projected actuality
we may relate with our whole
a whole self and being
in and of reality

Self-s and the whole body

Can we not discriminate
whole self from self

Our conscious self
or the self that is conscious

Our witnessing self
or the self that witnesses

Our experiencing self
or the self that experiences

Our deeper being
or the self that is deep within

Our self-s that differ
with different experiences and company
on different occasions
in different situations

Our truth may then be established authentic
as a part of a whole being and whole self
complete amongst other wholes
consistent in reality and
dynamic in creation,
the living whole body
of matter in gravity and present in the present