“hc centred right and actuality” : part 1

Final edit of the script. Finding reading it in front of the camera, very challenging – respects to actors and presenters.

Have you ever wondered if we actually exist ? Are we the self or are we more what we experience ? We know we are conscious, and aware of our self and others, or the things that are witnessed. There’s also a deeper being.

They are parts of our reality – our self, the conscious and the witness, our deeper being, as well as what we experience – they all exist, as “projection”.

Our reality is created and placed by a whole being in reality, projected from his or her nervous system. All that we are, and all that we may experience and be, in our reality, is projection – we exist as projected actuality.

In contrast, the whole body is reality. The whole body is also our whole self and a whole being. He or she is of reality and in reality, amongst other whole entities on Earth, alive in creation, solid in gravity, present in the present,

So : the whole body is in and of reality; our reality is projection, a projected part of the whole body.

And, what does this mean ? being a part of a whole body in reality ? Do we become the whole body ? Is it something to get, to have and keep, or are we to get to reality ? I believe we, as an identity or self, will always be a projected part in projection. But, shouldn’t we, can’t we, as a part, relate with our whole ? Be affected by reality – while he or she is living on Earth.

Where is this reality ? How do we relate with the whole self, we cannot see ? Of whom we are a part, but isolated from in our notion and sense.

We start with steps then, towards the possibility of relating with our whole – steps from within projected actuality to relate with the whole body.

I showed in the video “hc turned”, “where” the outside comes around the right, across the front and tucks back, and “where” we come across from the inside to impress on the world out there. The hc turned, “I’m it” and “that’s the wot”.

Let’s go further now, to more of our projected actuality.

Notice the immediate spaces around you. The various parts of our projected reality, float in their actuality.

There’s the wot, our line-up with and facing the world we experience, the self having an experience through to the back, and the witness behind. The depths of our reality are laid out in space. And in relation with the whole body, you may find your self and the world you experience, centred on the right side of the whole body.

It is “where” our reality is, on the whole body.

In part 2 of the “hc centred right and actuality”, I’d like to discuss some of the issues that surrounds the determining of our projected actuality.

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