“hc centred right and actuality” : part 2

Normally, we are identified exclusively, in our self and with what we experience. We lock in and hold to our projected reality, or sit back and mesmerise with its unfolding. We can also stop and capture ourselves in space, and in thus establishing our actuality, relate with a whole being, to whom we belong as a projected part.

It starts from : the wot, our line-up with and facing the wot, the self having an experience through to the back, and the witness behind. The depth of our reality is laid out in space, and this projected actuality can be related with the whole body.

Now, if it happens to be so, you may notice being centred on the right of the whole body, in relation with the whole body.

I have come to understand this placement of our reality, in terms of the nervous system and the organs of the body. It seems the dramatic changes of birth leaves its mark through the organs, and sets “where” our reality is projected.

Our reality is not complete – we open and extend, different ways in different directions. The witnessing of our reality, keeps us being an isolated part. However, with the inclusion of the witness in our projected actuality, and because our reality is projected by a whole being, a relation with our whole is possible.

To be a part of something else may disagree with what you understand about your self. To be told where you are may certainly influence your experience, but also challenge your sense of independence. Realising something new or different, especially about your self, can stir up questions about your world views and causal order.

Being centred right is a statement that is not generally made about our situation and condition. I have tried to introduce it side by side with a method to approach our projected actuality ie, “orientation” in space and with the whole body. Otherwise from actuality, we all too easily drift back to our default condition of “I’m it” and “that’s the wot”.

Our actuality is, as it happens to be. It is not some “thing”, what it is or why, that depends on our perception, understanding or knowing. Within our own actuality, there is no reflecting, observing, or distancing to consider – we are it and simply there. Actuality is beyond right and wrong.

However, we can determine where our reality is, in relation with the whole body. The “where” of our actuality is the beginning of our relation with the whole self, for it necessitates some sense of the whole body to have that sense of where our actuality is. Yet, it is not the point or goal – the real whole body is beyond our projected sense. He or she encompasses both our actuality, and what surrounds and produces it. Look to a relation with the whole self.

Because we have identified exclusively with our self and what we experience, what happens to us in relating with the whole body is a process of becoming more of a part.

There is our deeper being through deeper levels – again, we open and extend, different ways in different directions. In relation with the whole body, we integrate and extend through our knowing, feeling and being. The “where” of our reality, or our actuality “there” in relation with the whole body, can include the deepest sense of our self, others and the world, our most profound sense of existence, being and presence. They are more of our self and reality from which, in our actuality, we can relate with the whole body, who “must be there”.

You should find your sense of the core a useful reference for the solid whole body. Also, consider the breath – the sense of you breathing, with which to regard the whole body, who is breathing, in reality.

I have tried here to introduce our projected actuality and something of its relation with the whole body. It comes from an “orientation” of our reality as projection, in space and with the whole body.

I plan to further present Gendo and Orientation, their processes and methods to capture the hc and introduce reality.

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