While Earth affords us to have a piece of mind, we can change, become and be, a part of the happening of a whole being in creation. The population curve is reflected in every parameter of Earth and humanity. It is an incentive. I don’t mean to be alarmist, but “people are a problem”. (reference to a wordpress post by Buddha minded man).

We tend to be lost in our sense and notion of our selves, one another and the world. I insist on the whole being in creation of whom our reality and all that we may experience and be, are parts created and placed, or projected, by his or her nervous system, in reality. Identified with our self and what we experience, we are isolated from a possible relation with who projects our reality. Our reality is projection, an “illusion” if we identify with it, and a “delusion” if we believe it real, though most do and so our clinical and legal definition, of what most reasonable people would not think true, excludes delusion to indicate what most believe to be real.

Then again, most people are quiet about their deepest convictions. I think a lot of our interactions are “join them if you can’t beat them”, or “its the best out of a bunch”. We wait patiently and are moved to rise to an occasion when at least our deeper sentiments may be expressed.

Fancy a fantasy ? There’s a whole being waiting for us to become a part. who may be then complete, rather than carrying an identity trying its best. to be, become and think it does, while missing the happening of reality, the whole body alive in creation. A godly being who in reality is and does, is spirited at core and throughout, and who encompasses our all – that we are, may be and experience.

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