Gen do : Bullet points

If on Reader please view original for diagrams.

1 The hc (human condition).

The hc is thus worked out.J characters
It is a projected part of the whole body.
We as identity and self, are a part of it,
a part of a projected part.

2 We, us, me, you, them, or people.pic 6a pic 7pic 4

We as identity, are identified
with its self, experience
and what it experiences / is experienced.

3 Conscious witness.consc self Nov14  (0)b1consc self Nov14  (0)d

We as conscious self are
conscious of mind’s identity
having an experience
identified with what it experiences
witnessed and aware
with deeper being
and beyond

4 Trauma of birth.pic 1dlab'd 18 crop'dpic 1d

Our soul’s reach
liver’s float
trauma of birth is
girthed through mother’s breach

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