A monkey’s head on a platter

I was reminded of a monkey’s head attached to tubing to convey the necessary fluids, which blinked and responded to stimuli. I have considered the nervous system as the source of our self and our reality, that only in our minds can we consider a nervous system separate from the body, and that in reality the nervous system is an integral part of a living whole being.

I would regard the head and the tubes as the whole body to those brains; no moving eyes to show nervous activity without the integrated anatomical connections. As to the conscious state and nature of that existence, it is in our minds that we contemplate it. Before such experimental extremes (useful to prove some points) we know that chemical (drugs, nutrients and gases) and physical (including posture, injury, disease, life styles and routines) extremes stress and test the brain’s plasticity to adopt; it copes by altering and reducing the field of our reality, till our part as identity, sense of separateness and ability to seemingly respond (whether the whole body does what we think we do or not) breaks down.

Our relation with our whole is a tacit one to initiate and maintain; in our mind we are engaged in a cyclic, reflective and self-referential relation with our sense and notion of others and things that we seem separate from in our projected reality, both of the outside and in. Our attempts to determine our reality depends on this separation of us as mind’s identity from what we experience, yet both are a product of organic neuronal activity in reality from a whole living being. Our involvement as an identity is a conundrum. I consider our relation with the whole body, of whom it seems we are a separate part, as inclusive of this.

To be or accept is our existential choice; to be understanding may perhaps be considered a social one. I think that of our mind’s identity we are seemingly “separate from” what we experience and self-contained, of our feeling or emotive identity we are or feel more “separated from” and reactive to what we experience, of our deeper being we are in the world (projected) where-by our inside and outside boundaries are set, of our again deeper gut instinct we are “grounded” in a sense of the world beyond our sense or boundaries of in and out, and intuitively we are intimately of the happening of our projected reality or nature. I regard our mystic, spiritual and shamanic realms and involvement beyond our deepest sense of being in the world, and as of other realms and presences. I mention them to remind all is ours in the sense of they are our experience, including our sense of others, separation and relation. Nothing is denied and beyond recognition, involvement and acceptance, projection allows us to regard and be in relation with the whole being who encompasses and creates, and is more than the sum of his or her parts.

Beyond what we experience is where the various realms are placed in their, what I have termed, “projected actuality” in which we may be in relation with the whole self. Everything that is and happens in our reality, is because of the whole body. Our deepest being and reality becomes an integral part of a godly whole being in and of reality (who is more than the sum of his or her parts, including projected parts).  I like to think it occurs in being presented as projected actuality in relation with the whole body through a process according to the happening of the whole body – it is what happens. Factors that facilitate this process are chemical (drugs, nutrients and gases), physical (including posture, injury, disease, life styles and routines) and our inner actions that we may involve ourselves in as a projected part.

Belief systems and world views delimit but also determine our reality. It is the nature of the human condition to determine and reflect and in so doing is circular, and our piece a conundrum to reflecting and determining or self referencing. Beyond are more encompassing world views, and practices or processes to be involved in of to apply for ourselves, but in absolute terms all is experience that we can only go further beyond with projection than draws into concern the whole body in reality and who projects all that we may experience and be. Consider a complete whole being with integrated parts and our part in promoting that whole, while he or she is alive and Earth allows a decent life-style.

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