Journalism – while Earth sustains

The press, media, journalism and the ways in which the state and the system communicates with us reflect the hc. They are man-made, our reality.

I think a good analogy for our circumstances is the end of the Roman Empire. Except there are no Barbarians. Nor are there frontiers for we are global, many times in many ways over. Civilisation developed out of agriculture and diversity. It is global urbanisation and employment now – mobilisation and utilisation, of monoculture, development and massing. Somewhat lemming like, we’ve now thrown ourselves through the exponential curve.

I think of it as a tsunami wave as it rears up right, shattering throughout and from below, like a giant taken down at the knee. Though the initially subtle and sublime distant ripple of a wave has made itself obvious, humanity keeps going. Journalism can only reflect that.

Like the bread to the masses at the Colosseum, we are fed multimedia stuff – the content and medium, life-style and purpose, lost in denial just to keep going. I place my hope in a relation with my whole while he is alive and Earth sustains us, for myself but for others also, in their relation with their whole. Our whole’s do not deny our isolation or communion.

6 thoughts on “Journalism – while Earth sustains

  1. Hi Tach, thanks for your comment re- my ‘Test post’. I have posted it and a couple of others so that I can experiment in order to learn the HTML necessary for me to do footnoting in later posts. Having no experience of HTML (are we talking eye-sight tests here??), its a steep learning curve with assorted difficulties, but I’m getting there. Best regards, Phil


    • Hi, Phil. Good on you for tackling this ever evolving technology. Just heard about flashing light SSD for hard drives rather than magnetic disk, and Quantum computers where quarks are separated and made to jump at or faster ? than the speed of light.


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