Love hate hurt rejection

On reading A Brief Note to My Former Lover.

Love hate hurt rejection
we face the world and one another
alone, referential and reflective
of the world and one another

What about me ?
Who’s there for me ?
I stand waiting and keep busy
it seems we meet only to part

Terrestrial life means that we
turn and move
towards or away
does not sway our stake in life

We long for our unconditional beginning
inside mother’s womb
surrounded complete
plugged for all our needs

Our whole is out from
mother’s womb
unplugged and exposed
but still surrounded now by Earth

Separate and next
to other wholes
we as identity latch on
to what we sense and experience

Reflective and referential
and facing the world out front
what we experience and our perspective
isolate us from our whole

I’m it and that’s the world out there
is a part created and placed
by a whole being, surrounded by creation
alive and next to others, in and of Earth

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