Valid as part

Deliver me from evil
save us from our sins

Doomed to judge
and dammed for determining

Young and old
Nations and individuals

Lost to vote
determine and judge for –
from our whole self           for our self
against a whole being      for our being
despite the whole body    for our reality

Encompassing our all,
good and not, good and bad,
self and not, self and others,
is our whole

Singularity and plurality, linearity and circularity

I have introduced our reality as a part of the whole body in and of creation. He/she is the whole self, a whole being who creates, and projects or places through his/her Nervous System, all that we are and experience. It takes us beyond the usual references for determining ourselves and our reality – beyond language, perception and context, we exist and the worlds we may experience exist, as “a” projected part of our whole. We, as self or identity, and our experiences may be in relation with the whole body, as projected actuality.

Beyond what we may determine, projection is the very existence and substance of our reality, of our self having an experience, and may include the conscious, witness and our deeper being but also the worlds outside and within, and the things and beings apparently contained within them that we may experience. They are placed in particular places, and in relation with the whole body. The plurality of those separate parts of our reality, between which is our linearity or identification and within which is our circularity and association, is brought to a singularity with projection.

In becoming a part in relation with the whole body, the singularity that is our projected actuality grows – we integrate within our reality and in relation with our whole. The inclusion of the witness and other possible disassociated parts can only occur in relation with our whole self. The reference and presence of the whole body is also necessary to encompass the potentially never ending or on going processes of our integration. Look to a relation with who is beyond our immediate experiences – beyond our actuality, or the singularity that contains our plurality, is our one individual whole who encompasses our all.

Nature’s investment in the head

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Undo.”

If only we
could un-do
Nature’s investment
in the head

Ahead of all
other species we
dominate the world in
survival mode

It’s Nature’s way
but we must change
how we’ve come to be
lost from our whole

Identification with
our self and experience
I’m it and what’s what witnessed
held in circuit be

We be free
as a part can be
in relation with our whole
whole body whole being whole self

The whole body
a whole being
our whole self
is alive in creation
among other wholes
touched by the rest of reality

We as identity
and our reality
is a part
created by our whole
and placed or projected
as if wave or particle
from nervous activity
of the Nervous System
dominated by the brain

Asserting “I’m it” or
integrated as part instead;
the whole is more complete
with integrated parts
the brain floats and levels
spine hangs and extends
the head is validated as a part
there’s more of our whole
and the world has more wholes
present in the present
encompassing our all
our past and our now
our sense of self and our others
our worlds outside and within
projected parts of our whole

What’s what – we owe it to our whole      

Essence and substance
wave or particle
heaven and earth
man and woman
sperm and egg
elemental poles
create creation
reality is more
than their union

To do or to be
me/others or me/not me
we are and I am
placed or projected
we are witnessed
displayed part of our whole
of who is more
than the sum of his/her parts
of who is in and of reality

Our politics and culture
may aspire
but they ensure
our perpetuance and its end

Reflective and displayed
within our condition
we reach for certainty
isolated from our whole

Beyond our sense
of separation and difference
beyond our identification and bond
with what we experience
beyond our self
and our actual presence
beyond projection
and the spirit in essence
the whole body is there
whole being  whole self

We owe it, our self and our reality
(beyond our linearity it transcends
our circularity and this too we owe)
to our whole

As part more integrated
as projected and placed part

Our whole self more complete
with more integrated parts

In our being in
relation with our whole

Our culture and politics
must consider that

Our ethics and religion
find basis there in

We owe our all
to our individual whole

Among other wholes
in creation on Earth

Touched by the rest of reality
and spirited at core

The voting determining identity
must become a part of his/her whole

What happened

X marks the spot
Y goes on and on (god knows why)
till conception establish
whole being happening

Then we turn on
conscious and aware
a part of whole being
apart from whole being

Born to identify and determine
what we think is happening
and we go around
as the “I’m it” identity –
away from the whole self
in and of reality