Today, more than ever

Today, more than ever it seems, we must do something different. As it is, our lives are random and we drift in our existence, with regards to life on Earth – we hold it to ransom.

We are in a funny situation. It seems, it probably is, it is as certain as it can be, that we are the cause of this impending doom. Yet we are unable to rally. No time, capacity, context or reason for guru, leadership, goal, or conviction. Beyond politically correct, transparent, and accountable, we still question mind or matter, is it the world, us, them or is it just me.

What to do?

I believe the self as a projected part, and a disassociated part at that, displaced between the self in the experience, having an experience, as the conscious, deeper being and witness, must be distinguished from the whole self who is alive and next to other wholes in and of the real world, or creation. Our reality must be recognised as a part of a whole being in reality, who creates and places or projects our reality for us to experience.

The basis of free will must rest on our self as part of our true whole. Only then can we be and play our part in reality, a whole body alive in creation and present in the present, who includes our sense of the past, here and now, future, fate and destiny, our free will and the freedom to act, all within his/her being.

edited from a post in Apr14

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