Fab – whole body

A client from my medical practice days kindly commented on my facebook album of recent prints, that she wished I still offered the therapies (“ad fab”) I did back then. There were what I could do while I was realising the “whole” thing.


It’s the whole body who is fabulous. Every one belongs to one, but is too locked into what is experienced. Nothing happens without the whole self, whether healing, growing, going out or returning. Humanity seeks more, thinking it’s getting closer with philosophy, science, development or consumerism, till there’s nothing or we discover our relation with our whole, not to have but to being a part of his/her being and happening. Otherwise it’s just experience, and give and take between identities.


One might think it’s the listening or energy, the right spot or technique. May even appreciate the mystery of it all. There’s a whole being who encompasses our unknowing as well as our knowing, our outside and in, our deepest sense of being as well as of others and the world. All that we are and sense comes from a whole being in reality or creation. While Earth sustains our life style, and our whole self lives, and apart from feeding, clothing, housing, achieving and entertaining our selfs and one another, we can as an identity, as a “projected part”, be that of our whole. The whole self is alive, the happening being of creation.


Be what we are. Simple. But caught between our outside and inside worlds, though both are placed or projected by our whole, who encompasses them both and us, we are disassociated in our self between our outside and inside selfs, not to mention (but I will) the conscious, witness and our deeper being, we become very complicated in our identity-self. We short change ourselves to be the seemingly functional definitive entity, a free agent to help or get.
We identify with our self as an identity, as the “I’m it” that goes with “that’s the world out there (wot)” we also identify with. It’s nature’s way – survival. Hang on a sec, stop everything, friend or foe ? fight or flight ? The whole body : “you be the self, and we’ve got to do something”. Having survived, we are supposed to return to a more general state and condition. Dissolving in our whole being having achieved the need for security and safety, and fulfilled the apparent need to be an isolated point of initiation, “can do”. Becoming a part of the whole body, who did what we think we did and often what we didn’t know we could do or don’t understand how it was done.
Of course we are stuck in our identity. It takes denial and engagement in a sense of purpose or distraction just to keep us going. It’s as if we are out on a limb. We’ve lost the way to return, to what it’s all about and ended up with too many choices, for empty occupation or divergence. We get agitated, bored or hungry for more, without our whole.
To be an integral part rather than an isolated one. How ? When we have grown up and old (some of us anyway) relating with what we experience that seem separate from us ? It’s all we know, to be the subject, “I’m it” and relate to what we are not. Well, you have to also know that the whole we belong to is beyond our deepest and greatest sense of self and what we are not, but encompasses them, all that we are and may experience.

Not to relate to or with, but to be and be “in relation with” or to be and be “related with”. It’s the best so far that I’ve got it to, but only having differentiated the self from the whole self and our projected reality from reality, the whole body in creation. That’s what I want to convey, so that we can proceed with how we can promote or facilitate our relation with our whole self, without going around in circles, lost out on a limb or stuck in a hole.

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