I experience the experiencer

In a recent post, I pointed out the multi-point nature of reality and the whole body (being of reality), and the perspectives we hold, in our minds, a point in our projected reality with. Following on from there is the hc and reality in the first person. Poem: “multi-point reality” below.


I am in the human condition, an identity having an experience. There’s what I experience in my mind, and I am conscious of the world. The conscious is conscious of my reality, the world and what I may experience, in the mind, in feeling and being.

The conscious is conscious of the world. They seem to be there before me and my noticing and sensing, before I open my eyes.

The conscious is conscious of both the world outside, inside and me. I am aware of what the witness witnesses.

I may be knowing in my conscious identity (of what the conscious is conscious of), and in my mind identity of what I experience, notice and form notions about. Body, feeling and being are reduced to what I know or notice of them, till integration with my whole and becoming a part, takes me beyond “me and what I know” conscious of mind to knowing- feeling, and to knowing-feeling-being, and generally towards the rest of my projected reality.

I am made of various projected parts and entities that I may sense or be, including those forgotten or subconscious. My entirety is more than the sum of my parts, within a whole being  who is also more than the sum of his parts. My truth is in becoming a projected part, of a whole being including his projected parts (and so my reality).

Before this, I am flawed as a part isolated from its whole, lost identified within the human condition, in what I experience, am, feel and know. The whole self is beyond me and my experience, beyond my knowing and unknowing, feeling, being and my more, my all and all that I may be and am. The whole body encompass my all including “me and my not-me”, “me and my other” in my reality, conscious of and witnessed.

The whole is more complete for having more integrated parts. From having isolated parts, the whole self is more integrated in his being in and of reality.

Ed from original 10Jan15


multi-point reality (a real reference and our self referential perspective)

perspective determine our place in our time,
captured in time, depends on perspective
that point indicated perceived

a point in reality we may identify and discuss,
you and me, many perspectives
reality is multi-point in reality
whole body be multi=point
in and of reality


Original poem 30Dec15, Last 2 lines and title brackets added

Today, more than ever

Today, more than ever it seems, we must do something different. As it is, our lives are random and we drift in our existence, with regards to life on Earth – we hold it to ransom.

We are in a funny situation. It seems, it probably is, it is as certain as it can be, that we are the cause of this impending doom. Yet we are unable to rally. No time, capacity, context or reason for guru, leadership, goal, or conviction. Beyond politically correct, transparent, and accountable, we still question mind or matter, is it the world, us, them or is it just me.

What to do?

I believe the self as a projected part, and a disassociated part at that, displaced between the self in the experience, having an experience, as the conscious, deeper being and witness, must be distinguished from the whole self who is alive and next to other wholes in and of the real world, or creation. Our reality must be recognised as a part of a whole being in reality, who creates and places or projects our reality for us to experience.

The basis of free will must rest on our self as part of our true whole. Only then can we be and play our part in reality, a whole body alive in creation and present in the present, who includes our sense of the past, here and now, future, fate and destiny, our free will and the freedom to act, all within his/her being.

edited from a post in Apr14

On hope, and to and fro on the blogg

I tried the reblogg button from Phil’s post t but somehow tripped it.

Here’s my comment :

I cannot place my hope solely on reason, and our “supremacism” there. I have hope in humanity, only in as much as we in our identity may transcend, not just our knowing, but even our feeling, sense of being, and deeper instinctive, intuitive and mystic, indeed our spiritual depths and heights and its sense of being, in being projected parts and being in relation with a whole being, our spirituality, with our whole self, being more than the sum of his/her parts, and with the whole body, in and of reality.

Nothing is denied of our reality. Our wildest dreams but a fragment of his/her imagination. Our deepest sense of being set against not, and others all, opposites, parallels and countenances.

Phil’s grasp for the foundation of reason’s supremacy in, beyond its language and context, a deeper intuition, mysticism and emotion, and the primacy of matter, but as basis of the conscious, has breathed a freshness of humanity through his clear and succinct tour of philosophy for me and I think for his readers.

Here’s the link to his post : http://philipstanfield.com/2015/02/01/reply-to-austin-2/comment-page-1/#comment-5377

and two paragraphs from it. And I add his reply to my unsuccessful reblogg, that has come up on my notification for that reblogged post that doesn’t seem to be there!

“Through the weight of philosophy “We are animals and our brains function holistically. Thoughts – linguistically structured and those from ‘below’ language seamlessly generate emotions which in turn feed back into thoughts. There is no such thing as a thought without an emotion or vice versa.”

“The mystical philosophy that Marx acknowledged he built his own philosophy on, his own method of knowing the world, not only has at its core another way of reasoning – intuition, mysticism’s appreciation of the importance of the emotions to thought and of the complexity in the relations between emotions and thought found expression in the very dialectics Marx positioned at the heart of materialism.”

Hi Tach, thank you very much for your response to my reply to Austin. I do place great store in ‘reason’ but not the ‘reason’ of the dominant patriarchal paradigm – solely linguistic and conceptual (the Man of Reason).
On the one hand Marx correctly argued for dialectical materialism and thereby dialectical reason but on the other he did not recognise (because brain science was only in its infancy) how profoundly dialectical and wholistic our reasoning (i.e. our brains functioning as a unity) is.
As I stated in my post, linguistic reasoning may only be the conscious tip and endpoint (even post-endpoint) of a ‘subterranean’ process – the ‘free will’ debate.
My very best wishes to you for all areas of your creativity. Phil

Hope for a Drifter

The self having an experience set between the world out there and within.

The self having an experience set between the world out there and within.

Me and my self
are out on a limb
The conscious and my conscience
split off the core

The conscious conscious of
in each isolated pocket
I cannot bridge
but drift apart

My reach deny
what I cannot reach
My conscience rises from
the shadows of that

Lined up facing the front and cornered across, the conscious reigns from above.

Lined up facing the front and cornered across, the conscious reigns from above.

I cannot bridge
but drift
Across the depths
and through the core

A whole body’s reference
I am but
an isolated part

I drift apart
from my whole
Then remember
I am a part

The conscious and mind bodies, with their vertical tear drop and the conscience or conscious's heel below the shape - soul'd reach trauma of birth and liver's float.

The conscious and mind bodies, with their vertical tear drop and the conscience or conscious’s heel below the shape – soul’d reach trauma of birth and liver’s float.

Validate me
your drifting soul
How can I reach you
my nearest whole

You who encompass
my people, my world
Realms I drift in,
dream and hold

The conscious, its shadow, heel or conscience, and displacements on the whole body.

The conscious, its shadow, heel or conscience, and displacements on the whole body.

The pictures are from above :
1. “knobbly join”
2.  “lined up, facing the front and cornered across under the conscious”
3. “the shape set off by the conscious and mind bodies”
4. “the conscious and its shadow with its heel or conscience, and settings”
They are parts of a group of prints from originals on “rice” paper with sumi-e ink and brush.