How it is

Here’s how it is
we are a part of the whole body
created and placed by the whole body
from his or her nervous system

we think we see but the whole body has the eyes
we think we are and do things but the whole body is and does
we are projection, the whole body is happening

we become a part in being what we are
an actuality, we exist as a projected part
of a whole being and whole self
who is the whole body in reality

we’ve been isolated in our identification
with our self and what we experience
exclusive of our whole of whom our reality is a projected part
we as identity and self be a part of that projected actuality
part of a projected “construct”

our reality of conscious experience witnessed
of our identity or self and deeper being, others and the world

we are closer to our self, others, and the world, in regarding the whole body
who is in an of reality, the real world and other wholes

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