Video script

This is the beginning of a script for another video called “GENDO 3 : inside middle and outside bodies – part 1”. It continues on, to include extending our projected actuality and introduces promoting the whole body. 

I have introduced our reality as a part of the whole body, in and of creation. He/she is the whole self, a whole being who creates and projects or places through his/her nervous system, all that we are and experience. It takes us beyond the usual references for determining ourselves and our reality – beyond language, perception and context, we exist as a projected part of our whole. We, as self or identity, and our experiences may, be in relation with the whole body, as projected actuality.

The images I introduce are of our projected actuality, mostly as captured from behind. Don’t just be drawn by your immediate sense of them. Consider the actuality they represent. Beyond what we may determine, projection is the very existence and substance of our reality – of our self having an experience, the world we may experience, what we experience as well as the conscious, witness and our deeper being. They are placed in particular places in relation with the whole body.

Loosen your line-up or identification in what you experience within your reality, with your usual senses. Settle broadly with a deeper sense to include your self, and consider the whole body of whom you are a projected part.

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