Photos and notes

Series on Arches watercolour paper. These are photos I’ve been preparing for display on Etsy. It took a long time to get the “creamy-ness” of the paper.
Abandonment skewers 1

Abandonment skewers our conscious. “Guilt shame failure abandonment and letting go” is the fundamental setting for the hc (in dark ink – not the mind body with line-up and facing the world). Gshf for avoiding the whole body, in abandonment from him/her in skewering or upholding our conscious, and letting go to the wot (world out there), inside outside centred right.

Being in the world  2The middle body of line-up and facing the wot, head on a platter, head on a skewer, bust, breast, torso and liver’s float that slides away to the other side. It is the one that is “in the world”.

Cognative, emotive and somatic levels  3

The levels cognitive, emotive and somatic for our knowing, feeling and being. Beyond what we know of our feeling and being is the feeling itself and our deeper being itself. They are cornered, pinched, and wrapped and looped across in their centring to the right.
Cornered settings of our reality  4

Far right is the “Cornered settings of our reality”. the conscious, mind and outside bodies, the shape (soul’s reach, trauma of birth, and liver’s reach) through to bottom cornering with the totem to the left. The realms and bottom cornering in light ink.

Kappa rising  2

“Kappa rising”. We rise across to the right from our embryonic origins held deep below. The Kappa is a mythological creature of Japan with super natural powers and a simple personality. It comes from the underworld of swamps, and is traditionally depicted with webbed hands and feet, a shelled back, a tail, and a wet opening at the top of the head it must at all times keep moist. I suspect the practice of dispensing miscarriaged embryos into swamps was mythologised in the Kappa.

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