Forever in the mind

forever in the mind pic '14

Wonder and ponder
forever in the mind
virtual and fractal
forever human in kind
is it our language
is it our food
what about our heart
or is it our soul
where is the spirit
is it all experience
lest we forget
there must be a God

Talk reach out
hold return
silence be still
resonate express
together alone
we live as part

Straddle our bounds
return come home
go out and earn
your right to be

Listen to me
find your self
find your place
for life to be

Nature is you
wilderness your whole
essence you be
touched by reality

In truth your part
is free as a part
exist as part
separate and together
be with or away from one another
but as a part
of a whole being
next to other wholes
alive on Earth


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