2nd moon of Autumn

Loopy L for the last stages of the eternal path2nd moon of autumn, here in Australia of the southern hemisphere, after the 1st moon of ripening and before the 3rd moon for storage. Element is metal, organs are Lung and Large Intestine for sadness or melancholy and holding on. We are cast as if in metal in this finality of time at this season’s close. Then it is winter’s end.

How was this season’s harvest? And your relation with your whole?


The whole body is ….

The whole body is in creation, touched by the rest of creation.

The whole body is of creation, an integral part of All creation.

The whole body is on Earth, among other wholes in and of creation.

The whole body includes our reality, creates it and projects it from his/her nervous system.

wot – world out there  wit – world in there

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