Who must be there

Beyond our words, thoughts and A14179 cl
what we think we sense
a whole being abides

Beyond what we feel
and our sense of being
is the feeling and our being
beyond which again
our whole self lives

Beyond believing we say
and do things
the whole body says and does

A whole person must be there
for our self and all that we are
and all that we may experience
to be

– alive in creation
being of creation
solid in gravity
on Earth, among other whole beings

– encompassing our here and nowj c8c
our now here
our memories and dreams
plans and reckoning
our sense of separateness from
and joining with
others and our worlds
outside and within

j c8

INVALID as a part is, isolated from its whole

Now the hc, our reality and situation, is a questionable thing.2 May15 with side 5a

We’re incomplete.
And we’re stuck with the wot (world out there) that seems to be there, before we notice it. We have both inside and outside worlds. Are they real?

There’s our deeper sense. But is there a whole self?

There must be a whole self, a whole being, living and alive, of reality, and who creates us, our selves as an identity and the reality we experience.

2 May15  side 2aYes, we exist, but as a part of the whole body, created by him/her, arranged and placed or “projected” from the whole body’s CNS (Central Nervous System).

The whole body is in and of reality. We are a projected part identified with what we experience.

It means our reality’s apparent objectivity, independence and realness is provided for us by the whole body. Our reality can be a good indication or version of what’s in the world.

The issues of subjectivity, perception and perspective, and certainty can be considered more fully with orientation to our reality being a projected part of our whole self.

Our reality is subjective because, in the first place, it is created by a whole being, as well as because of us, being the subject, experiencing and interpreting what is experienced.

Within our reality it seems we directly touch and see what is in the world, but as in the movie Matrix, that is not the real world. For us to think that we “perceive”, there’s a whole being in the real world for whom the issues of perception and perspective are “real”. He/she projects our sense of being in the world. We can think that we see, but it is the whole body who has the eyes, and gives us vision with all its characteristics including perception and perspective.2 May15  side 0

And as for certainty, it’s all in our mind. What we try to determine and know can escape our grasp the harder we try (prove), till we are left more with our trying (to prove), to know (notion) and grasp (sense). Indeed the only thing we can be certain of may be that we think, when we do – “I think therefore I am (thinking)”. However, we can see the circular or contained situation of trying to prove our selves within our reality, if we understand our reality is not complete but a projected part of our whole. We can also consider being a projected part of a whole being, and look for certainty in a relation with our whole of reality.

Notes and a poem or two

hc.r : our self an actuality, the whole body of reality
The self and our reality as actuality, projection and part of whole body. Invalid as an isolated part, an identity identified with its self and its experiences.
The whole body is in and of reality, creation, is reality and includes his/her projected parts.

We, us, our selves being me,
the identity in the hc,
an “it” compared to our whole
who is a who.

Certainty : Munchhausen’s trilemma
Munchhausen’s trilemma describes the impossibility of a proof needing proof to validate the proof, never proving anything – except in the three incomplete ways of infinitism –on and on, circularity – round in circles, and foundationalism – assumption that may be useful or is had by those concerned. We can only be certain in our minds and that certainty in three incomplete ways. It seems much escapes our mind’s grasp, of things and of our self.

Try to prove or be true

Try to prove
what’s right
that it is right
How can you be certain?
Can you be sure?

Prove that it is right
what you know and grasp

Try being true
to your self
Settle in place
as part of your whole self

Prove you are validside stupa and base 26
in your notion and sense

Try becoming true
to whole self
Play your part
as part of a whole being

Prove you are there
in your feeling and being

Be true
to whole body
Level your head
as part of the whole body

We think we think, see and do when it is the whole body who has the eyes, brain and hands to touch and move etc.

Also our whole body is made to level the brain, hang the spine and settle the trunk upon level pelvis or the other end.

The “other-end” is the clue to the whole body, in and of gravity ie solid mass, our whole self alive, a whole being present in the present and included in whom is our projected part. Like the base to an upright stupa or pagoda (a tiered Buddhist tower with several levels, and usually with multiple eaves in the Far East, usually built over some Buddhist artefact), it supports our CNS (Central Nervous System), which in turn floats our realities in levels like the levels of a pagoda.

Our trunk has a front and a back, and is upright. It has a middle with left and right halves, and sides to the left and to the right, each with an inside and an outside. While the trunk is vertically orientated, the other-end is level. Our hind legs have evolved to extend straight underneath our upright trunk. Our other–end can not only bear our trunk-al extent, but with waist, hip and haunch squares off or quarters on each leg (that is of right angled ankle and knee) as if on all fours. It is a part of the evolutionary leap that lead to our level brain and vertical spine.

Arch of language and Munchhausen’s trilemma

On and on arch of language poetry Apr14 b
our conscious

Our mind
with a ring of context
contained circularity

Our cohesive whole
a bubble (of babble)
within another

Floating underarch of language poetry Apr14 a
the arch of language
held up foundational
by the story telling fella

All a part
of a whole body’s dreaming

A whole being is there
when we become lucid
and reason reins in our conscious
reigning like rain till then ..

1 Apr14

Munchhausen’s trilemma describes the tripple dilemma or impossibility of proving anything, A proof needs something other to support or back the proof, which in turn need another proof to support it. The trilemma refers to the three unsatisfactory ends to trying to prove : Infinitism where that regression of proof needing further proof goes on for ever; circularity where the original statement to prove is included in a subsequent proof, pretending to be independent of the statement when it is merely a step or steps of logic away; and foundationalism where a statement is used as proof that is an assumption but stands because it is unchallenged.


There-ness and who must be there

We exist
as is

But in what we sense
and our sense
and our notion
of what we sense,
and in what we are
and our sense
and our notion
of our self,
would we exist
if not for what
we sense and notice,
and would they exist
if not for us
to sense and notice.

There must be
a whole being who
creates and arranges
our self and what we experience,
as well as our world
for us to experience.

A whole self
must be there
for our self to be
and our world and
what we experience to be here.

3rd moon of autumn

3rd moon of autumn for storage, in the southern hemisphere, after the 1st moon of ripening and 2nd moon of harvest. Element is metal, organs Lung and Large Intestine for sadness or melancholy and holding on. We are cast as if in metal in this finality if time at this season’s close before winter’s end.

Autumn 3 Apr15 this with levels b o45

This season’s wrap-up leaves us mostly in the head and pushed across by the next season’s conscious from the mid-line and shifts towards the front .

Autmn 3c2

Next season is still unformed. Its conscious is open above just the developing brain of an early embryo who’s nervous system formed into a tube (neural tube) with the rolling of the two sides of a collection of nervous cells called the neural plate.

The line-up with and the facing of the world out there also resemble the embryo who’s eye is large and agape like a fish’s with no eye lid.


Autumn 3 Apr15 this and next layered, levels

Untitled b

The layering of this season’s projected “body” in front of next season’s, with the levels cognitive, emotive and somatic marked between them cornered, pinched and wrapped and looped. This season’s body should be reduced further through winter, and next season’s establishment through the levels is anticipated here.

Note : as of most of my depictions, the projected bodies of our make-up (construct) are placed in relation with the whole body (out lined) as captured from behind.