Arch of language and Munchhausen’s trilemma

On and on arch of language poetry Apr14 b
our conscious

Our mind
with a ring of context
contained circularity

Our cohesive whole
a bubble (of babble)
within another

Floating underarch of language poetry Apr14 a
the arch of language
held up foundational
by the story telling fella

All a part
of a whole body’s dreaming

A whole being is there
when we become lucid
and reason reins in our conscious
reigning like rain till then ..

1 Apr14

Munchhausen’s trilemma describes the tripple dilemma or impossibility of proving anything, A proof needs something other to support or back the proof, which in turn need another proof to support it. The trilemma refers to the three unsatisfactory ends to trying to prove : Infinitism where that regression of proof needing further proof goes on for ever; circularity where the original statement to prove is included in a subsequent proof, pretending to be independent of the statement when it is merely a step or steps of logic away; and foundationalism where a statement is used as proof that is an assumption but stands because it is unchallenged.

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