Gawk’n and talk’n madness

Gawk’n and talk’n madness7 Gawk'n talk'n madness with white background
reigns from above
our head crowned
with the arch of language

There’s a whole being represented
in our linguistic identity
set apart from our whole
we forget our part and talk

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Sumie ink on rice paper, hanshi size

There is a whole body

There is a whole body.

Beyond our body, our identity, our breath,
our being and conscious,
our world and nature,
our heaven and earth.

Beyond our sense, our notions, our reality,
our world views and causality,
our self and soul
spirit and wholy ghost, our Nothingness.

A whole being alive in creation
of whom we are a part.

He or she encompass and infuse
our all.

Immanent and transcendent
for us in being a part or isolated.

godly be he or she
of creation and spirited at core
Nothingness for us in projection
where reality is displaced by ours of projection

Become a part as projection
in actuality our salvation be
our truth as part of our whole
valid as a part rather than isolated.

Be in the world, with people
join in your community
with deepest sense and self
be with who is most separate,
Nothingness is our whole.

“hc is ….” 5

The hc (human condition) is staggered off.


                                                                                                                                                 Portraits of the hcPandora's corner 5 j frame

What’s life?
Gotta happen in reality?
How can you make it happen in reality,
if you can’t make it
in life,
in the city.

Are we, to be?
The suburbs and gardens battery pen zoos
institutionalised bureaucratic human processes
with well-appointed equipment and appliances for mass entertainment.
Our lives.
But we mustn’t stop,
at that.

Human lives we live urban.
Factories of offices, foundries, farms
pre-fab families and shops, friends and homes
spread out just like, because they are,
fans of our over-population.
They disappear over the horizon.

But wait, the point
stop and become a part
of what is, rather who is
in and of, what is
reality and creation.
Settle in your place, as a part of the whole body.4 onion skin

All that surrounds you,
onion skin layers.
From underneath you,
recognize you float.
Embrace your floating axis with spread and
float your diaphragm’s girth on the core
come, ride the stagger
be on top, draw in under.

The hc is “staggered off”, in our
actuality as projection in space, where
we are, as an identity, having an experience;
our more, and our all
encompassed by our whole.

5 stagger and wake, denial, suppr'n, repr'nBetween our self and the rest of creation,
the whole body folds our countenances away.
From having direction, we leave three “wakes”,
displacements within projected space.
We bear upon gravity,
with physical and nervous strain.

Through the levels of our extent,
we push down and suppress our struggles,
repress and push back any confusion,
and deny a side, the other side.
“Cornered off” we hold, away from our wake,
our countenances.

(see Ascending assertion.


hc.r : actuality and the “self referencing conundrum”


1 spaces crossed, cornered and witnessed 15Jun15 titled

“spaces crossed, cornered and witnessed” W1 ’15

We’ve been taught to believe in our self. What about your whole self?

Do you think it’s natural to believe in our self!? We’re also left on our own, to find our self. Live, experience or do we make our self? Share our self? To be or to be something? With who? What are we to do? With our self? With one another? Make something of our self? One another?

Self-referencing madness, our urbanisation stuck between walls and ceilings bricked in floored space, our modern capsule of a battery pen zoo, with parks, roads, mod cons and clothes, communication and communion, commerce, super markets, and  capital communal companionship.

Problem – how can our conscious experience and self be from a body thing, like the brain?! The “hard question of consciousness” Chalmers, 1996.

One should ask from what realm and dimension are we projected. Then there’s a chance, of finding a tether to the whole body of reality. From our self in projection, to whom our brain is an integral part, to who projects and allows for our scepticism, our time and space and the wits to question what is where. Find and be our self in actuality and the tether to (the whether where of and the nether there of) the whole body there, who must be there as our whole self, in a whole being, and for us being a projected part.

Our reality (our conscious experience witnessed with our self having the experience and aware of what is witnessed through the depths of projected being) is first, there as actuality and secondly, is created by the whole body. “God knows” why or how the whole body creates us and our reality. But we may know and understand that the brain-spine projects it, our reality. And we might find our place and part, in relation with our whole as projected actuality.

Projection means that there is a whole body. He/she is with form that is at the peak of vertebrate evolution on Earth. Our human species has a level brain and vertical spine left/right with front/back curvature, even hair like extensions that impregnate into the substance of the rest, and including our core structure, the CNS, is our whole being on Earth whose “other end” is the clue for us within projection to reality, the whole body of creation.

Language is our thinking. Is it our reality? In life we determine, judge and tell ourselves stories. We are determined in language and crowned by thinking.

We may wonder how and why – a brain, a body thing, creating us? Is the brain in charge? In our minds we cannot be quite sure of “who’s in charge?” Is it our language? Causality, our certainty and destiny, make our story. Our world views and context keep us circular and contained, identified within projection. , the projected actuality of our reality including our self, deeper feeling and being within our language, knowing and experiencing. As projection, we are what we are and we become more a part of the whole body. Also the whole body becomes more whole with more integrated parts.

Projection means there’s a whole being of reality, of whom our projected all is a part. The politics of this is profound. It involves our experience of one another, our self and the world we may sense and be in, as parts projected by our whole.

We only think or think we “know”. If you question “knowing” there are other certainties apart from we think. Three more certainties, in fact, apart from “I think therefore I am”, we are, we experience and there are levels of experience in space with depths, openings and endings, whereby therefore we know we must be or exist. We think, we are, we experience and there are deeper parts. There’s feeling, beyond what we know we feel, the feeling itself. And being, beyond what we know and feel of our being.

In our particular part, we can measure and reduce, be reductionist in our mind’s grasp and be grasped by what is experienced, or witness and be self-conscious or aware of what is witnessed. All that is and can be of our self are parts of our whole, who projects our individual all. “Orientate” yourself as actuality, as a part projected in space, with the whole body in and of reality.

Talk to follow.

The “where” of us

We are a “where”.
We exist “where” we are.

Don’t just ask “where am I?”
and go off with what’s there,
not just engage as “I’m it” with the world out there
in what you think you do,
when there must be a whole body
being the one and the one who does.

We are aware.
We exist in being there,
a part of a whole self who is
a whole being of reality.

But go off
we do
with what we are aware of.
What? Who? Me?

I am a part
free as a part,
of the one
who is and does,
and projects
for me to be and
to think and feel I do and I am.

Do you see? to be or not to be.             

     To all selfy acts, not the identity, person or the whole being of whom pictures are of in the act but the act it self, including our statements and expression to communicate.

“Seeing is believing.”
But ….
is it true
is it real
or is that being skeptical?
How can it be
so easy
to believe in what we see.

We try to understand
what we see
and see what we
determine, judge
“Do you see what I mean?”
or what you understand.

It’s what was seen
we conclude upon
argue over in court.
Our notion follows
what we sense
rather than our
common sense,
we don’t mean to be mean.

It’s actuality in what we are
authenticity in being a part
lost with who is not seen.
Our whole being of reality
not to be seen or understood
is beyond our belief
a mystery.
Do you see?

Like a volcano-logist might

What the whole body hears with ears, is projected. We are in projection and hear it. And so with vision, our other senses and what we experience.  “WE hears it, we sees it and we thinks we are hearing and seeing” when it is the whole body who has the ears and eyes, and head and body, projects our reality where we exist and where our experience exists as projection, projected in space and as actuality. “Orientation” captures our reality in space as projected actuality, and places  it in relation with the whole body through projection. The whole body creates our reality and places or “projects” it from his/her brain and spine or the Central Nervous System.

vol 3Let us place our selves in this model of our self and apply it as a scientist, say a volcanologist might step into the volcano of his experiment and study.

As if a passionate volcanologist trying to tap into the very existence of his study, be also the probes that are swallowed by the whole enormity and intensity of noise, heat, movement, light and forms of molten flames and lava, except it is the whole body, our whole living being of creation, and our subtle relation with. Beyond the blur of our self and our reality, in our actuality, the whole body who must be there, who projects our reality, our whole being self of reality there –

Everything that is experience
and all that you may be,
in projection you and your reality be,
and in relation with
whole being be,
in orientation with.

Like a sacrifice,
or is it an experiment.

We gawk at the logic
stare at the world
and others
as viewed
be meused (muse/me use), they self
having an experience and sense

Exist actual as projection,
human condition, state and existence
in relation with our whole

  • part of whole being
    of creation
    present in the present
    on Earth
  • eats, sleeps, walks around
    the zoo pen, compound

(mid to late 1970’s –  more than 50% of global population in urban development or cities, with decreasing numbers in agriculture based settlement; biomass for humans on an exponential curve, has effects (the “TT dish”); polar ice cap melt Russian submarine at Nth pole then, mentioned on one national radio news broad cast and not repeated or quoted since, and now polar bears are telling us about the Nth pole, mass extinction, we are talking bio-mass, we cost, and there’s 7billion of us; we are all a part, of our whole self, and the whole self of Earth.)