New season’s start, Old season’s closure Spr1

2 Spr11st moon of spring brings on the new season and casts off the last, which becomes the old season. Now closed completely, old season drifts across into the “floating erect protozoa” (light lines, just to the right of old) the cast off shells from past seasons of the erect protozoa – our seasonal conception and passage, is drummed on annually with the trauma of birth (see The seasons : Spr1).

New season establishes itself, centred right with broad spread and under-bellied depth, set across by the “trauma of birth” on the other side. Not yet self conscious, unknowingly engaged with the world out there, it is front facing through a hazy spring depth. Already starting to tilt forwards, we are set to “step up” (see W3 Spr0, the seasons).

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