Old season’s disappearance – past 2nd full moon of Spring 2015

Old seasons disappearence consciouses jShot off like a golf ball, up right front,
its streak left behind,
held across by the conscious.

Death draws the conscious’ heel
up its shadow,
wrinkled layers of build up show
its past
and its readiness to shatter.

This season still quiet
though set off its hinge,
conscious’ heel, its conscience,
of which only just newly conscious.

Old seasons disappearance  2nd moon of Spring 2015

Old seasons disappearance
pen, pencil and ink 

Reality, objective world, phenomenal world, our self and our world.

whole body with projected parts

whole body with projected parts

We are an identity, identified in our self with what we experience. We exist within our reality which includes other components or parts. The “wot” ( world out there) is one of those parts that make up our reality. It seems real, objective, tangible and to be there before we notice it. We may function in it or with it, think we see and touch it, but it is not reality.

It, the wot (world out there), is the phenomenal world , the world that we may experience and understand or at least try to (pretend to?). We think we sense it, and indeed the phenomenal world is defined in terms of what appears to our “physical senses”. However, I make this point I hope to establish with “Orientation”. All that we actually do, as an identity in our reality, is experience, have an experience and be the experience-er.

whole body in reality

whole body in reality

While we may think we sense, it is the whole self who is in and of reality, and has the eyes and other sense organs. Information, from those “physical” sense organs of the real world and the whole body, is processed through the CNS (Central Nervous System or the brain and spine), to create virtual versions of them that are our self, the world we may experience and our sense of being in that world. They are projected in a certain distribution or shape which occupy space in particular places in relation with the whole self. In such a way our whole being creates and projects our reality through his or her CNS and does everything that we think we do, including all actions, thinking, dreaming and sensing. We in our self are placed to exist in our reality and provided with an experience of what lets us think we do, in our reality.

Consider this of yourself. You, in your self, are placed to exist in your reality and provided with an experience of what lets you think you do, in your reality. I hope it helps to point out who does creates you and your reality – your whole self of reality who, in reality, is among other wholes.whole body 3 projected parts labelled

With “orientation”, clear distinctions can be made between our projected reality and reality, and our self and whole self. “Orientation” also allows for us to separate our phenomenal world from what may be termed the “phenomenal aspects of reality”, to which the sense organs of our whole self are sensitive and their sensing of which is used to form the phenomenal world.

There is more than our self and the world we can experience – the rest of our reality, the whole body of reality and reality that is more than the sum of the fundamentals we derive of reality from our phenomenal world. Reality and the whole self may be considered to be of the noumenal realm, one sense of which is the basis for our phenomenal reality. Also, when we can recognise being bound within our projected reality, we might better understand our self and what we are doing, including our endeavours to reach what we may “think” is reality, perfection or others. More still, we may include the rest of our reality in their actuality as projection, and as parts of our whole, be in relation with the whole being of reality. With integrating parts our whole is more complete.

Second full moon of Spring. This season’s establishment and old season cast off.

3 season's 3Old season is cast off like a gold ball shot off into the distance with just a trailing streak left behind.

This season is established in it’s cornering, inside outside centred right, just below liver’s float. Conscious of itself in mind, breath and body sense (from spine), with only a vague memory of its unknowing beginning. Already there is a build up of strain, it weighs at the back of our front line up, through the spring haze, with the world out there to the front. We will rise to this through spring and pass it as we step forth into summers heat.

Substance form state – a trinity

Substance, form and state
of Whole being, Whole body and Whole self
who creates our reality and our self
and projects them in space as our reality
through his or her brain and spine.

As a part segmented of disassociated parts
are as we find our selves identified
in our self and other
parts we experience cornered selfa
inside, outside and boundaries uncertain
tend to trust what seems certain.

My whole of whom I am a projected part
lives in creation as a part of All creation
and within him I am lost in his projection
Why am I? What do I see? It’s all nothing but
experience, nothing but thee.

In projection I reach and reach experience
but as projection I am touched by who is
and as more than the sum of parts is
the whole entity living of creation
between All creation God and me.

My whole who is a part of reality and its entirety,
he creates my reality I find myself in, I’m afraid
I am one of many, I’m afraid, within my whole who is
the one and only on Earth who is him
as all and so many other wholes in creation.

Within humanity and its segregation, we as identity
in a segregated part of our whole,
must as a part
regard our whole who, as our creator, encompasses
our inside and out, conscious and subconscious
our loneliness and fear, crowded
cowardice and escape.

All is projection, experience and consciousnesstrinity Oct15  1
our reality yours or mine with you or me
within our reality, part of our whole
being, self and body who is
in and of creation.

From google and the wiki
Arianism is the main heresy denying the divinity of Christ, originating with the Alexandrian priest Arius ( circa 250– circa 336). Arianism maintained that the son of God was created by the Father and was therefore neither coeternal nor consubstantial with the Father.

Based on the Gospel of John (14:28)[1] passage: “You heard me say, ‘I am going away and I am coming back to you.’ If you loved me, you would be glad that I am going to the Father, for the Father is greater than I.”

In ChristologyLogos (GreekΛόγος logos, that is, “word”, “discourse” or “reason”) is a name or title of Jesus Christ, seen as the pre-existent Second Person of a Trinitarian God. It has been important in endeavoring to establish the doctrine of the divinity and morality of Jesus Christ and his position as God the Son in the Trinity by Trinitarian theologians as set forth in the Chalcedonian Creed.

In contrast to Arianism, the trinitarian viewpoint was formally affirmed by the first two Ecumenical Councils, thereby rejecting the idea that Christ is a distinct personality from the singular Lord of the Old Testament.. All mainstream branches of Christianity consider Arianism to be heterodox and heretical.[citation needed] The Ecumenical First Council of Nicaea of 325 deemed it to be a heresy. At the regional First Synod of Tyre in 335, Arius was exonerated.[2] After his death, he was again anathemised and pronounced a heretic again at the Ecumenical First Council of Constantinople of 381.[3] The Roman Emperors Constantius II (337–361) and Valens (364–378) were Arians or Semi-Arians.

trinity Oct15c

Religion is a belief system. We can think we think and participate in its experience, and so believe and be a part of the experience of believing. Projection however, is our truth that leads beyond it as what is fundamental of our reality – beyond our notion and sense, and so belief and thinking, and experience that may form the basis for our beliefs – to our whole who projects and of whom our projected reality, including our self, is a part.

I like Arianism, but consider the whole body our whole self and whole being, as a godly being as Christians might Christ’s body – the wholly ghost for being beyond our phenomenal and conscious reality and encompassing our all as our whole and creator. As through Jesus, Christians believe they may reach God, we are touched by All creation in our communion with our whole self, for him or her being of creation. We will always be our self, in our conscious and sub-conscious parts of our segmented reality. It is in being projection, in what we are, that we are a part of our whole.

Reality – a multi-pointed reality

Have you come across a theory of reality like this, a multi -pointed reality?

Reality is like a multi-dimensional grid,
matrix of many separate points connected
by reality’s entirety.
The many points of reality
are each “an unfolding present”.
Reality must be unfolding
like parallel universes but
in infinite separate points,
each a presence present in each/the present,
each unfolding in infinite ways, no less.

The time/space fundamental which,
has not swallowed billiard balls but,
did swallow up gravity with each other.
On the time/space grid of four dimensions
with its bending that warps gravity into play.
Light, time and space, matter and conscious,
and reality is more that the sum of its fundamentals.
But also there are whole entities.

Whole entities of reality maintain
their whole integration in one presence.
A rock, a chair, the sky, a shrine.
A whole living being has even more
of what we call entropy, or
the amazing coincidence of the entity kept together
entirety of its, his or her many fundamental parts
in its, his or her presence and matter, and
being in and of its, his or her present.
Between whole entities there are many points,
infinity of a multi-dimensional grid as described,
each an unfolding present
as each integrated whole also.

Imagine then the relations
between whole presences
in and of its, his or her present.
Each whole of many parts,
integrated into one presence,
to the minute and quantum levels,
each one whole of an unfolding present, and of reality.
Between them a sea of creation,
a grid of many dimensions beyond
billiard balls and the probability of subatomic particles
and the theory of what they are doing.
The happening of reality include
and in its entirety infuse as parts both
whole entities each of many parts and
the more diffuse of the multi-pointed reality.

The mind can deal with billiard balls and
keep up with physics and philosophy,
of how it must be working and what it must be like,
both should (ethics and models) and is (metaphysics of what and theories about),
do (politics and the applied) and insist (morality and technology).
But what reality is is beyond
it-should-work and what-it-must-be-like.

So the whole body, being and self, is a godly being of reality,
a whole being in reality among other wholes,
the whole self more than the sum of his or her parts, and
is the whole body surrounded by the rest of the multi-pointed reality.
Beyond psychedelic insight and transcendental vision
reality is more than seeing, understanding or believing, and
our whole is of it and in it
when we are a part of him, or her.

Our concepts of fundamentals start with billiard balls.
We have pushed it far beyond dust and DNA,
to subatomic particles.
But because we are in the phenomenal world
that is a projected indication of the real world,
the start is wrong, we’re hitting exponential walls
of existential brick.
We have to go beyond conscious experience
and what we think we sense.

The phenomenal world is there for us to experience,
and try to understand,
but the whole body has the sense organs
and the brain and spine to project it,
for us to experience and think it is reality.
We’re a part of our reality.
And our reality is a part of the whole self.
How about we relate with our whole
as his or her part.

The phenomenal world is created and placed by the whole being together with our selves as an identity and what we experience of it. The whole body is exposed to the objective world. He or she in in and of reality and with the sense organs that respond to, what may be called, the phenomenal aspects of the objective world, and rightly and correctly so the noumenon for they are the basis of our phenomenal world and what are in it for us to experience.

The phenomenal world is what we may experience and try to understand, there before we open “our” eyes that we think we open. The whole self has the real eyes and the visual cortex to project vision for us think we see. All that can be said is that we are having an experience of vision, Similarly, the whole body runs and has legs but we think we do, have legs and run. 

The whole self is in reality and is of reality. Our reality with out side and inside can only be a segmented part of a whole, just for being two. There is more, the subject of our inner and outer realities, that us, the identity or self. Our whole as more than the sum of his or her parts, our part in relation with our whole and our whole being of the multi-pointed reality. Where can we go with this?

Glossary – as of 10Nov2015

New entries:


Phenomenal aspects of reality 

Phenomenal world 


All creation God : All of creation is God. God is before causality, creator/creation and creator if, in our mind, creation needs a creator. Spirit is the essence of the whole body and All creation, God presence at the core of the whole body. See also Cosmology, Spirit.

Actuality : The very existence as projection of our self and our reality of experience, occupying space in a particular shape or distribution and placed in a particular position in relation with our whole. It is created and projected by a whole being of reality from within reality. Our projected actuality is a part of reality in being a part of our whole being who projects it.

CNS, Central Nervous System : The brain, spine and nerve roots. The whole body creates our reality and, through the CNS, projects our reality.

Construct, constructology : The make-up of our reality as created and projected by our whole self, including the self and what we experience, the conscious and the witness, deeper being and the spaces in between them. Beyond phenomena and context, science and philosophy, sense and notion, is the actuality or existence as projection of the parts that construct or make-up our reality. Beyond contextualism, the understanding that what we determine of the things in our reality depends on their context, and phenomenology, the study of things in our reality in them selves or as they are before we determine or judge what they are, “constructology” is the study or exploration of the make-up of our reality as projected actuality and parts of our whole self.
Wiki search Phenomenology, Contextualism,

Cosmology, from Orientation : Reality or All creation God; our whole being, whole self or the whole body of reality and in reality; our reality that is projection, a projected part of our whole being; the parts that make-up our reality as projected actuality;  our self and what we experience; what we determine of our experience within context and with language. The spirit is the essence of the whole being, whole body or whole self, who is in and of creation, one with the essence of All creation God. We being projection and part, not denying anything that we may experience or be, can refer to our whole for being a part. See also All creation God, Spirit, Nothingness.

Emptiness, Nothingness  and the spirit
Emptiness : The disassociation through which we are having an experience, witnessed and conscious of that.
Nothingness : The absence of the whole body who “must be there”, from where we are having an experience in projection.
Spirit : See below for spirit

hc.r, the human condition and reality : The whole body is reality, in and of it. Our reality is his or her projected part – the human condition. In our identification with what we experience, we are either isolated from or in relation with our whole.

Nothingness : The absence of the whole body who “must be there”, from where we are having an experience in projection. See also : Emptiness

Orientation : A method introduced here that captures the human condition and introduces reality. Our reality is captured in space as projected actuality and related with the whole body who is of reality and in reality.

A whole being of reality creates our reality of conscious experience, and projects it through his or her CNS (Central Nervous System) or brain and spine. The components of our reality are projected and occupy space in certain distributions or shapes that are placed in particular places in relation with the whole self.

Orientation in space captures our reality, as projected actuality occupying space in various shapes. Orientating with the whole body allows for our reality to be in relation with the whole self who in reality is of reality. Without this “orientation”, we are normally isolated in our identification in our self with what we experience within our projected reality.

Phenomenal aspects of reality : Aspects of reality that sense organs of the whole body are sensitive to. The nerve or neuronal information of them, of the phenomenal aspects of reality from the sense organs, is processed by the whole being through his or her CNS (Central Nervous System) to create the phenomenal world and projects it. The phenomenal world is a part of our projected reality, where as the phenomenal aspects of reality are the parts of the rest of reality that meets our whole self of reality.

Phenomenal world : It is usually defined as what present to or is available to the “physical” senses. It is the world we may experience and try to understand. It is the wot (wolrd out there). I propose because it is the whole self or whole body who has eyes and the other sense organs on the body in reality, we as identity cannot say we sense – what with? We can only say that we are having an experience; all we actually do, as an identity in our reality, is experience, have an experience and be the experience-er.

Reality is more than the sum of the fundamentals and qualities of reality we derive from our phenomenal world, the world we may experience and try to understand.

Projection : The creation and placement of our reality including our self by the whole self, from the whole body’s Central Nervous System. Our reality, which includes the self, is projected in a certain distribution or shape and placed in a particular position in relation with the whole self. Note : the Central Nervous System creates and places, or projects our reality including our self, however it is not in charge, there is no CNS without the whole body, the whole is more than the mere sum of his or her parts, integrated and whole, projection allows us as project actuality to relate with our whole.

Reality vs our reality : Our reality is conscious experience, and includes the world we may experience or the phenomenal world, while reality is the objective world the whole body, who creates and projects our reality, is in and is of reality, and among other whole and real entities.

Spirit : The essence of the whole body and All creation, one at the core of each and every one and thing in and of creation, God presence. In reality, the spirit is ever where in creation but in projection and because of projection, the whole body in creation is an absence from projection or Nothingness, and the spirit we may experience is one essence of our whole and All of creation at the core of Nothingness.
See also
All creation God, Projection, Nothingness, Cosmology,

Witness : The witness is a void we avoid. It’s like the displaced or disassociated complement to the manifestant parts of our reality, namely the self and what it experiences, by which they are recognised or we’re aware. We as identity or self may be aware of what the witness witnesses, or we may be lost in what we are experiencing. As we enter our actuality, the conscious always conscious of and our deeper being are also recognised. The self as an actuality consists of and extends into these disassociated aspects or parts, including the witness that witnesses, the conscious and our deeper being. Our projected actuality (Emptiness) may be captured in space and we may relate with the whole body (Nothingness) from there (“the where of it” – Orientation).
See also Actuality, Emptiness, Nothingness,

Whole being, whole self and whole body : He or she who is of reality and who from within reality creates and projects, through his or her CNS (Central Nervous System), our reality of conscious experience.

wit, the world in there : Our inner realm including what we may experience within, set against the wot (see below) and what we may experience of the wot. Our experiences themselves rather than what we experience are considered internal, subjective and personal. The fact that of our reality there is both the wot and the wit, would suggest that it, our reality, is not reality or complete, and that, if there is a reality, the wot and the wit are segmented parts of something that is complete or whole in.

wot, the world out there : The world we experience and try to understand, dominantly visual and linguistic, and placed to the front. It is an indication of the reality or the objective world according to the whole body’s senses. It is also the phenomenal world that we may experience and understand. However, strictly speaking it is not available to “our senses” as usually considered. Indeed, we as identity can and usually do think we sense, but it is the whole self that has the real eyes and other sense organs. A whole being is present in the real or objective world with sensors that register the phenomenal aspects of the real world which are the basis, and I think they can be correctly termed noumenal, for our phenomenal world. We also think that the wot is real when it is again sensed by the whole body, created and placed there for us to experience, projected through the whole self’s Central Nervous System.

Introduction to the witness part 2: There for us to be aware

The witness is there, for us to be aware.img032

The witness is there, for us to be aware.
Behind our front and what we experience
and behind our selves having an experience.
Vacuous disassociation but there.

The where of it, to our whole who must be there.

Beyond what we can determine,
“what’s what” of our selves and experience,
the “where” of our reality and its components
that are there.

We’re subject to experience and having an experience.
The conscious is conscious of and awake to what we’re aware of.
Fundamental is the whereimg031
of our projected actuality there.

And projection allows universal
our connection with our whole.
For us to be witnessed and having an experience,
the whole self must be there.

Experience itself, before and distinct from what is experienced, is established as the subjective aspect of our reality or consciousness. The self is difficult to determine for being involved in having an experience as the experiencer of experience and what is experienced. What is experienced may be determined, “what’s what”, but trying to determine the self lands us in the “self referencing conundrum”. The witness is even more elusive. However, fundamental to the components of our reality is their occupying space as projected actuality. In our actuality as projection we may universally be in relation with our whole.

Conscious experience self

Who what whySpr1 suv 8
words with which
and how
we speak determine understand
question and think we do

A whole self missing
who is beyond words
question and answer

Ah yes
but no

Beyond deepest sense
in reality
beyond gawk and talk
notion and sense

Fundamental is experience
within our reality
being projection
occurrence in space
connection as
part with our whole
universal in and of reality

Orientation – an introduction

Chalmers (1995) points out the hard and easy problems of consciousness and initiates a non-reductive approach to conscious experience by determining it fundamental. Orientation allows the next step of empiricising this self-referencing foundation of our actuality as projection occupying space, and takes it to its universal source that is our individual whole being.

“Orientation” is a method that allows for our reality to be captured in space in its actuality as projection, and placed in relation with its whole. It does not attempt to describe our reality or parts of it beyond their fundamental condition as projection. Though with Orientation we can label the components that make up our reality, its main purpose is to refer to “where” rather than determine “what” those parts are, so as for us to be in relation with the whole of whom our reality, including our self, as a part.

We are created by a whole being, created by him (or her) and projected or placed in space through his CNS (Central Nervous System). I use the terms whole self, whole being and whole body interchangeably, to refer to whom we as self and the world we may experience (the phenomenal world) are projected parts. The whole body includes the solid body as well as his projected parts and is, as a whole, more than the sum of his parts.

Reality is referred to as what the whole body is in and of, and as the basis for our projected version of the things in reality – the whole self is exposed to aspects of reality that present to his physical sensors and he creates, according to what he senses, our phenomenal world or the world we may experience, within our reality as projected through his CNS.

Within our reality of experience, we normally identify in ourself and with what we experience exclusive of and so isolated from our whole self. We identify with the things in our phenomenal world within our reality, even in knowing they are projected versions and indications of what and who may be in reality. They are an illusion as considered by some including Buddhists, and a delusion if we regard them to be reality when we know they are projection. Nevertheless, we can be functional in our identification with them, and think we act and exist in the world, when it is the whole self who is and does things in reality.

However, we can also play our part in becoming a part of the whole self. By recognising our reality as a part, we can accept our incompleteness (as all parts are of themselves) and allow for our self and our worlds outside and within, even as we identify with them, to be placed in relation with our whole. A process of integration ensues for our part with our whole, through layers of what are psychological and psychic assertions of our reality – what we determine and hold to, in our exclusive identification that isolates us from our whole. They are set in levels, projected through the physical body and have an anatomical reference.

Our destiny lies in a relation with our whole, who is of the ever changing and multi pointed reality. Perfection may be placed with the whole self as a goal, reference or guide. It is symbolised in the gravitational alignment of our whole’s core organ, in the level, split and domed brain, vertical spine and even nerve roots of the CNS, and involves his integration with the integration of his parts.

For more on Orientation please follow the link to website www.gendohcr.com or alternatively see Orientation chapters in this blog.