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Phenomenal aspects of reality 

Phenomenal world 


All creation God : All of creation is God. God is before causality, creator/creation and creator if, in our mind, creation needs a creator. Spirit is the essence of the whole body and All creation, God presence at the core of the whole body. See also Cosmology, Spirit.

Actuality : The very existence as projection of our self and our reality of experience, occupying space in a particular shape or distribution and placed in a particular position in relation with our whole. It is created and projected by a whole being of reality from within reality. Our projected actuality is a part of reality in being a part of our whole being who projects it.

CNS, Central Nervous System : The brain, spine and nerve roots. The whole body creates our reality and, through the CNS, projects our reality.

Construct, constructology : The make-up of our reality as created and projected by our whole self, including the self and what we experience, the conscious and the witness, deeper being and the spaces in between them. Beyond phenomena and context, science and philosophy, sense and notion, is the actuality or existence as projection of the parts that construct or make-up our reality. Beyond contextualism, the understanding that what we determine of the things in our reality depends on their context, and phenomenology, the study of things in our reality in them selves or as they are before we determine or judge what they are, “constructology” is the study or exploration of the make-up of our reality as projected actuality and parts of our whole self.
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Cosmology, from Orientation : Reality or All creation God; our whole being, whole self or the whole body of reality and in reality; our reality that is projection, a projected part of our whole being; the parts that make-up our reality as projected actuality;  our self and what we experience; what we determine of our experience within context and with language. The spirit is the essence of the whole being, whole body or whole self, who is in and of creation, one with the essence of All creation God. We being projection and part, not denying anything that we may experience or be, can refer to our whole for being a part. See also All creation God, Spirit, Nothingness.

Emptiness, Nothingness  and the spirit
Emptiness : The disassociation through which we are having an experience, witnessed and conscious of that.
Nothingness : The absence of the whole body who “must be there”, from where we are having an experience in projection.
Spirit : See below for spirit

hc.r, the human condition and reality : The whole body is reality, in and of it. Our reality is his or her projected part – the human condition. In our identification with what we experience, we are either isolated from or in relation with our whole.

Nothingness : The absence of the whole body who “must be there”, from where we are having an experience in projection. See also : Emptiness

Orientation : A method introduced here that captures the human condition and introduces reality. Our reality is captured in space as projected actuality and related with the whole body who is of reality and in reality.

A whole being of reality creates our reality of conscious experience, and projects it through his or her CNS (Central Nervous System) or brain and spine. The components of our reality are projected and occupy space in certain distributions or shapes that are placed in particular places in relation with the whole self.

Orientation in space captures our reality, as projected actuality occupying space in various shapes. Orientating with the whole body allows for our reality to be in relation with the whole self who in reality is of reality. Without this “orientation”, we are normally isolated in our identification in our self with what we experience within our projected reality.

Phenomenal aspects of reality : Aspects of reality that sense organs of the whole body are sensitive to. The nerve or neuronal information of them, of the phenomenal aspects of reality from the sense organs, is processed by the whole being through his or her CNS (Central Nervous System) to create the phenomenal world and projects it. The phenomenal world is a part of our projected reality, where as the phenomenal aspects of reality are the parts of the rest of reality that meets our whole self of reality.

Phenomenal world : It is usually defined as what present to or is available to the “physical” senses. It is the world we may experience and try to understand. It is the wot (wolrd out there). I propose because it is the whole self or whole body who has eyes and the other sense organs on the body in reality, we as identity cannot say we sense – what with? We can only say that we are having an experience; all we actually do, as an identity in our reality, is experience, have an experience and be the experience-er.

Reality is more than the sum of the fundamentals and qualities of reality we derive from our phenomenal world, the world we may experience and try to understand.

Projection : The creation and placement of our reality including our self by the whole self, from the whole body’s Central Nervous System. Our reality, which includes the self, is projected in a certain distribution or shape and placed in a particular position in relation with the whole self. Note : the Central Nervous System creates and places, or projects our reality including our self, however it is not in charge, there is no CNS without the whole body, the whole is more than the mere sum of his or her parts, integrated and whole, projection allows us as project actuality to relate with our whole.

Reality vs our reality : Our reality is conscious experience, and includes the world we may experience or the phenomenal world, while reality is the objective world the whole body, who creates and projects our reality, is in and is of reality, and among other whole and real entities.

Spirit : The essence of the whole body and All creation, one at the core of each and every one and thing in and of creation, God presence. In reality, the spirit is ever where in creation but in projection and because of projection, the whole body in creation is an absence from projection or Nothingness, and the spirit we may experience is one essence of our whole and All of creation at the core of Nothingness.
See also
All creation God, Projection, Nothingness, Cosmology,

Witness : The witness is a void we avoid. It’s like the displaced or disassociated complement to the manifestant parts of our reality, namely the self and what it experiences, by which they are recognised or we’re aware. We as identity or self may be aware of what the witness witnesses, or we may be lost in what we are experiencing. As we enter our actuality, the conscious always conscious of and our deeper being are also recognised. The self as an actuality consists of and extends into these disassociated aspects or parts, including the witness that witnesses, the conscious and our deeper being. Our projected actuality (Emptiness) may be captured in space and we may relate with the whole body (Nothingness) from there (“the where of it” – Orientation).
See also Actuality, Emptiness, Nothingness,

Whole being, whole self and whole body : He or she who is of reality and who from within reality creates and projects, through his or her CNS (Central Nervous System), our reality of conscious experience.

wit, the world in there : Our inner realm including what we may experience within, set against the wot (see below) and what we may experience of the wot. Our experiences themselves rather than what we experience are considered internal, subjective and personal. The fact that of our reality there is both the wot and the wit, would suggest that it, our reality, is not reality or complete, and that, if there is a reality, the wot and the wit are segmented parts of something that is complete or whole in.

wot, the world out there : The world we experience and try to understand, dominantly visual and linguistic, and placed to the front. It is an indication of the reality or the objective world according to the whole body’s senses. It is also the phenomenal world that we may experience and understand. However, strictly speaking it is not available to “our senses” as usually considered. Indeed, we as identity can and usually do think we sense, but it is the whole self that has the real eyes and other sense organs. A whole being is present in the real or objective world with sensors that register the phenomenal aspects of the real world which are the basis, and I think they can be correctly termed noumenal, for our phenomenal world. We also think that the wot is real when it is again sensed by the whole body, created and placed there for us to experience, projected through the whole self’s Central Nervous System.

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