This season’s “seasoning” : Full moon, Spr3.

Third full moon of spring.

Last season is disappearing with hardly a trail, absorbed into another dimension.4 Spr3

Having established its definitive (includes last, this and next season’s setting for annual circuit) cornering last moon, this season has “seasoned” into a vertical float below its mind’s bloat, where there’s a draw into a centering, still seemingly gentle but incessant, like the swirl of an abalone shell.

This season’s vertical extent tapers 3 times for cognitive, emotive and 4 Spr3 bsomatic depths apparently ready to be further drawn up into the centering, for the 3 moons of summer. There is an angled reach, a counter-levering strain, vectored up, across to the right and forwards against the vertical.

Pandora’s corner


Pandora’s box is a corner
Pandora's corner 5 j tight cropdisplaced across from our assertions.

We too cornered but open
Pandora’s corner opens across to closure
(close ‘ya).

Through levelled settings
centred right
over liver rising
and ascending colon.

Displaced across, trampled on,
put aside and left behind,
our centred right cornering
suppress, repress and deny.asc ass, for P's corner poem j c2 cropped

In wake of our here and now,
and our reach, rise and step (forth),
displaced from our vectored float,
our past, people and places,
sub-conscious, forgotten distant and buried,
for now in P’s corner.

Theory and reality

tied off sausage

“Tied off sausage”. Hanshi size “rice” paper, sumi ink

Quantum theory?
String theory?
Reality is more than the sum
of its fundamentals and qualities we deduce
from our phenomenal world and our identification with it.

Barely threaded, tied off like sausages
strung up in context
where there’s a cause
there’s causality.

Beneath the bits that make sense :
‘Cause they don’t add up. It’s not worth it. They just hang off us.
We do question. If only the answers would add up to something.

Our actuality does add up
to more than their sum in their whole.
In what’s fundamental of our reality
is the connection to our whole.

Cognitive part

Centred R sequence

Centred R sequence

We’re cornered across
centred right
a knobbly join
between outside and within

boxed in
look out through
letter box

set in space
front back
and within

left right
inside outside
front back and behind
where we’re facing the front
through/in our make-up.

1 knobbly join, the self having an experienece set between outside and in

Knobbly join

21 ned kelly's letter box, mind's float tied up on its breath and swallow

Ned’s letter box, on mind’s sparead

Ne'd letter box, on whole body

Ned’s letter box, on whole body

the human condition lined up, facing the front and cornered across under conscious's reign

The human condition lined up, facing the front and cornered across under conscious’s reign

Spring 3rd moon

Sumi-ink on “hanshi” size Japanese “rice” paper with “wrinkle effect”, captures the moment of execution, sealed in structure that is carried on the dried paper, and shows itself on that every occasion to shimmer its shape up our here now gaze.

Pictures on this post have pixelated. Better ones with more information are on my facebook page – Gendo Orientaion.

If you click on these pictures they do come up large with good detail. But the pictures on the fb page have been tagged to indicate what certain parts are. Just scroll onto an area and a tagged term comes up.

Alignment and release

Alignment and release

Weight of the conscious

Weight of the conscious

Last season's cast off

Last season’s cast off

Heavenly radience

Heavenly radience

The witness

The witness.

Displaced behind
the void we avoid.
It is the displaced aspect to
the manifestant parts,
the phenomenal world and our self;
the witness, by which we are aware.
Front back behind.
I think it has this cyclic draw when repeated. I wonder if it comes of the “self-referencing conundrum”.