An explanation of my art

The hc (human condition) is a part of a whole being or our whole self, created by him or her and projected through his or her brain-spine (Central Nervous System or CNS).

diagram from descartes


Vision is commonly understood to be a product of the brain, created from the nervous impulses it receives from the eyes. However, it is harder to accept “our self” as produced by the brain or anything else (The “hard question of consciousness” Chalmers, 1996). I think it’s worth reminding that there is no brain without a whole being, our whole self or the whole body. It is our whole who creates our reality, including our self, and projects it through his or her nervous system.

The different aspects of our reality are placed in different places, as projected by our whole. The wot (world out there) to the front; our self having an experience back from there; there is a vacuous void behind that may be regarded as the witness; and the deeper aspects to our being below. You may notice, as the identity or self having an experience, that the realms to the left and right of us are different.

In their actuality as projection the different parts of our reality placed in different places, have boundaries or surfaces that separate them and which define their certain distribution or shapes.

This is what comes of an “orientation in space”. It is the capturing of our actuality of our existence in space as projection, projected by our whole through his or her brain-spine.

And this is what I depict, the actuality of the various aspects of our reality as they are projected and placed by our whole. It is not usually seen or even known about but may be sensed. Our actuality is the basis of our becoming a part in relation with our whole.

Having determined the aspects of our reality in terms of where they are and how they are shaped in their actuality, they may be labelled. This is beyond our usual ways of knowing what we experience, of determining what they are that depend on context, describing of their qualities, and of forming our sense (models; science) and ideas (theories; philosophy) of them. Rather this labelling is a direct or innate recognition that does not necessarily take us away from actuality.

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