Our cognitive part

Our cognitive part
– Xmas and Sum1 full moon

Our cognition is buthc on shoji 3
a floating moment
of a passage that was,
as we speak
of it,
our experience.

Our reality is but
a cognitive part,
while we keep to what we experience
and what it’s about.

And while we can know
of our whole self
is of reality;

we are separated for being a projected part,
created by our whole being and projected through the CNS (Central Nervous System);
isolated from our whole in our identification within our reality,
in our self and with what we experience;
and referenced by our contexts,
in avoidance of our actuality as a projected part of our whole.

We are stuck in our reality, before a self-referencing conundrum.

In our identity, with what we experience,
in our knowing notion and sense,
we can learn to be a part and regard our whole,
our whole self of reality.
He or she encompasses our all;
all that we are and al that we experience
of the world and others.

He or she creates and projects our all;
and is more than the sum of all hes/her parts.
Nothing is denied of our reality,
in fact we refer to by whom our reality is allowed,
our creator, our whole self
of whom we’re a projected part.

It is a new relation,
as a part and with our whole,
so take it slow.

Know that our whole being will always be there but also know
that he or she is there now and has been for all of our time.

Shoji screens and tatami mats 180cm x 90cmhc on shoji 3

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