5 thoughts on “Cornered across, “I am”

      • Hi Tach, thanks for your generous words. Your art you posted this evening reminded me of a painting by the N.Z. artist Colin McCahon in which he painted the words ‘I am’. Do you know of him?
        Regarding your art – I think you could take it a long and original way. Best wishes, Phil


  1. I am preparing an exhibition, “Exh 1 : Cognitive part”. Recently, systemising the art work, or grouping them, has helped to make a coherent presentation, and a start.

    What makes your music, art and neoplatonism? I feel that Australian socialist past that carried in its bosom, culture for the people. Spiritual realism and communing? for the modern life-style’s end, of no point beyond style.


  2. Hi Tach, dialectical materialism is a development on Neoplatonism which has creativity at its core and has profoundly influenced Western culture – it has inspired many musicians (e.g. Beethoven) and painters (e.g. Picasso). Phil

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