“I” and “am”, labels.

I am soul's reach and st'ry tel'n fellaThe “I” extends out from mind’s identity, loops under the dome of the “arch of language” (circularity) over mind’s spread, and strikes down straight between body sense from spine and inside of soul’s reach. “am” fits either side of the arch onto right shoulder, pinching the “story tell’n fella” (Arch of language;  Cornered across, “I am”. I am

We are branded with bare letters, the text symbols of our language. As with the “Bass clef”, and “labeling” in general, this association in our actuality is fundamental (makes it), direct (what it is) and knowing (recognisable), for actuality being our truth as projection.


Various parts to our reality may be determined in space, occupying a certain place and distribution in their actuality as projection, and depicted. They are also recognised for what they are and “labelled” or named.

cornered across

cornered across and lined-up in vision

waiting Jan14 2

Bass clef

Knobbly join 1b texted 2 ed

Knobbly join

Depictions and labelling include our immediate aspects; the conscious, mind’s identity and the worlds outside and within (“Knobbly join”), of vision (“Cornered and lined-up in vision”) and of sound (“Bass clef”).

Ascending assertion

Ascending assertion

Philosophical concepts of infinitism, circularity and foundationalism (Munchausen’s trilemma), are placed where they exist or cornered off bigoccur in their actuality on our “Arch of language”; as are the psychological terms of repression, suppression, denial and resistance placed where they are, displaced from the “cornered settings” of our “Ascending assertion”.

I am not and eye of HorisSymbols (hieroglyphics), characters and letters self-reference onto us, and where they are and originate from (“I am not and eye of Horis). The commonality of these symbols suggest something fundamental of humanity.

We can ponder at this, but also consider our actuality.

The labels do not intend directly to encourage thought or discussion about the aspects of our reality. They come from a direct or innate recognition of our make-up, as they are or exist. The aspects of our reality are more fundamental as projection than, what we may determine and grasp as sense and notion. The innate recognition or knowing of our actuality comes before language and our usual cognitive knowing. Labelling should not necessarily take us away from our actuality. In and as actuality we may refer to our whole to be in relation with our whole self.

The depictions indicate “where” and their labelling point at “what” the various aspects of our projected reality are, in space amongst other parts, and in relation with the whole self. They mean to draw us to actuality and signpost our relation with our whole.

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