Third summer New moon. Chinese New year.

Untitled-2Like when crossing a desert, we must keep sight of the end. Otherwise you won’t get there and you’ll loose your self, or a part of your self. It’s easy to stop with the end of the year, and linger at an oasis with your summer thoughts, as well as rush to stumble through the delirious heat.

Cast in fire, get through summer, the manifestant season, this is it!

Third new moon of summer.

We are drawn out by the world out there through the second moon of summer. We reach this third moon of summer in a bloated rise, further isolated and attenuated from our whole in our right sided cornering across from the mid-line, open forwards and up.

Untitled-1We step through this heady bloat to meet our work, school and weekend appointments. Automatic through its gape, we lose ourselves into the churning of the weeks. It is summer. It’s been day light day and night on the south pole for months now. But it will end. Though in the southern hemisphere, it is only February, the second month of the year, we are well past into the second half of the growing season. Expansive still, and not to put a limit by defining our seasons’ crop, but keep an eye on the mounting exhaustion we rise above. We float with the warmth and step right out into the phenomenal world out there.

Keep tending, keep to plan and routine whether your season’s growth is a discovery, improvement or harvest, let it unfold through your grounding (Earth element to come after summer, for the one moon of “Late summer” – makes 13 moons for the year).Untitled-3

The summer “desert crossing” will come to an end. There is a crop to bring to see through, to completion, ripening and harvest.

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