Late Summer 2016 – last quarter

seasons3 LSum 16a.jpgDays to Autumn, in this last quarter before the New moon, we step further out front, under “this season’s crop”. It has almost come to Late summer “completion”, before autumn ripening, harvest and storage (three moons of autumn; element metal; lung sadness and large intestine letting go). Our crop may seem uncertain or limited but gently contain, accept and appreciate, and as a part, look to a closer relation with our whole.

Late Summer 2016

seasons LSum086aSummer’s end

The one moon of
Late summer.
earth – Stomach, Spleen

Season to bring to
completion this season’s
before Autumn harvest (metal).

Energy/Image : steamy loamy soil from beneath the turf

seasons LSum086abStacked up “season’s crop” centred right, taken forwards between the conscious and the world (wot).

We stagger off under its reach out into “never ending”, “Indian” summer.

The season to “bring to completion” this season’s crop.

Look to relation
with whole self.

March. Feels like a never ending summer, “Indian summer”. The 3rd month of the calender year, but it is the 9th month of the growing season, in the southern hemispher.

Staggered off 1 hc.r

Staggered off 3 hc.r 2Mar16

In our actuality, our existence as a part of our whole being. In reality, our whole self is of reality. We, as an identity, are a part, created and projected, through the brain-spine (Central Nervous System), by our whole. We exist in our actuality, in reality as projection in projected space. Staggered off 5 hc.r 2Mar16

We strain in our actuality, like architectural blocks in them selves, and against our whole being whole body. Our counter-levered reach, is turned through levels, cognitive, emotive and somatic (sense of physical being), and wrapped across to the right. Our centering to the right (our sense of left/right symmetry projected centred on the right side of the whole body) casts wakes of displacement through levels, across the other side.

Depicted as captured from behind.