Staggered off 1 hc.r

Staggered off 3 hc.r 2Mar16

In our actuality, our existence as a part of our whole being. In reality, our whole self is of reality. We, as an identity, are a part, created and projected, through the brain-spine (Central Nervous System), by our whole. We exist in our actuality, in reality as projection in projected space. Staggered off 5 hc.r 2Mar16

We strain in our actuality, like architectural blocks in them selves, and against our whole being whole body. Our counter-levered reach, is turned through levels, cognitive, emotive and somatic (sense of physical being), and wrapped across to the right. Our centering to the right (our sense of left/right symmetry projected centred on the right side of the whole body) casts wakes of displacement through levels, across the other side.

Depicted as captured from behind.

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